4 steps to perform on LinkedIn

How to perform on LinkedIn in 4 steps?

[1,2, 3…7] every seven seconds , LinkedIn has a new follower . This new network that everyone is talking about has nearly 722 million users worldwide and 22 million in France alone.

In recent years, this professional social network has experienced rapid growth.

It allows you to expand your network of professionals and thus offers opportunities in your search for employment , internships or business .

Given the number of users, it is not always easy to stand out from the others. To gain visibility , it is necessary to know the LinkedIn algorithm and adapt its actions accordingly.

What are the techniques and tips to follow to boost your visibility on LinkedIn?

4 steps to perform on LinkedIn

1. Create a solid profile


Before looking at the LinkedIn algorithm and the rules to follow to write a good post, it is necessary to have a good profile .

Without a complete profile, it will be impossible for you to take advantage of all the opportunities this network offers. Profiles with photos have an average of 9x more connection requests and 21x more profile views . Thus, any spelling or vocabulary errors have no place.

What photo to put on LinkedIn?

It is essential to have a professional profile and cover photo. With each post, your profile photo is displayed to all Internet users. The profile photo helps to reassure by bringing a human side .


Your profile picture should be 400 x 400 pixels . Your cover photo must be 1536 x 768 pixels

Another key element is your profile title. It describes your professional identity . You have to be precise and choose the right keywords to be spotted by recruiters more quickly.

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Do not forget to put your contact details (telephone and e-mail) so that we can easily contact you. This further increases your chances of creating interesting opportunities.

4 steps to perform on LinkedIn
Example of a good profile title and a good profile photo.


The summary is also important to catch the attention of your profile visitors . They will only be able to see the first lines of this summary. Thus, it is recommended to make punchy sentences, which make you want to read more. It may be relevant to play on originality to arouse the curiosity of its reader.

4 steps to perform on LinkedIn
Example of a summary that arouses the curiosity of the reader

In terms of content, do not hesitate to describe in detail your training and professional experience , clearly explaining the missions and activities that you have been able to carry out.

Intelligently enhancing your interests will allow visitors to learn more about you and this will indirectly enhance your value.

Finally, to complete your profile as well as possible, it is important to mention your skills but also to have recommendations from outside people who come to value them.

LITTLE TIPS : Customize your LinkedIn URL to suit you (www.linkedin.com/in/yourname).

This offers two advantages :

  • Inspire confidence in potential recruiters
  • You help memorize it to pass it on during a date

LinkedIn has created tiers that tell you how accurate your profile is. Thus a profile called “absolute expert” demonstrates that it is well completed.

2. Boost the visibility of your posts by creating engaging content

Once his profile is complete and well constructed, it’s time to study how the posts are highlighted by the algorithm.

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There are different criteria that determine whether or not your post ends up in many news feeds .

The two most important are the engagement rate and the dwell time .

The engagement rate of a post is the result of the number of reactions on your post (likes, comments) divided by the number of people exposed to the posts, multiplied by 100 .

4 steps to perform on LinkedIn
The 7 steps of engagement

As for the dwell time , it represents the time visitors spend on the post.

As you will have understood, the more time Internet users spend and react to your post, the more the algorithm will highlight it because it considers it to be qualitative . It will then appear in many feeds.

Content marketing will allow you to create this commitment. This concept refers to the fact of broadcasting fun content, with high added value that conveys values . To do this you can:

Provide advice , share tips on this or that subject such as working methods or new tools .

Discuss the news , especially facts that could interest your community and give your opinion before asking your subscribers .

Do storytelling. It is often not advisable to talk about yourself in an egocentric way on LinkedIn. Nevertheless, telling anecdotes or talking about your personal life and then addressing a more global subject , bringing a strong added value is very appreciated.

Going “yelling” at something also creates a lot of reaction. Talking about a provocative subject has always worked on social networks.

4 steps to perform on LinkedIn

The idea here is to criticize a behavior or something present in the professional world and which disturbs many people. For example, repeated notifications from communication tools like Slack. Consider two things if you want to develop this technique:

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Tailor the things you describe to your community . Thus, people will feel directly concerned by the subject in question.

Provide advice to improve the situation and thus transmit added value to Internet users.

Whichever method you choose, it is essential to be impactful and push for reaction.

Thus, play on hard-hitting phrases, especially for the title . You can ask a question or put a number to capture attention.

In the same way, asking a question directly to Internet users by asking them at the end of the post for their opinion is relevant. Comments increase SEO more than likes.

Finally, sharing content using a humorous tone is also effective.

3. The SMO to boost the referencing of its posts

Once you have chosen your subject, you must think about using the SMO when writing to increase the SEO of your post once published.

SMO (social media optimization) brings together all the techniques and methods that increase the number of visitors to its content.

On LinkedIn, there are many:

Ventilate your text . Avoid writing cobblestones and highlight the title of your post in particular.

Play with smileys to make the text more attractive (a maximum per line). You can also put special or bold characters through websites (put link).

Put hashtags at the end of your text ( 3 or 4 is enough ) to increase the reach of your publication.

Add images and videos that will catch the reader’s attention.

Tag people and/or companies in your post so that they react and your post appears on other news feeds. One technique is to reach out to people you tag each other with on each of your posts. These are called pods.

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4. Mistakes to avoid

If you now know how to make engaging and better referenced posts, you need to learn the mistakes not to make on LinkedIn.

They will prevent you from really performing on the platform because they will harm your visibility .

To start, know that you should avoid putting external links on your posts. The preferred algorithm when your posts push you to stay on the platform . Thus, share your videos and images directly in your publication.

In the same way, simply sharing an already existing publication has little impact in the eyes of the algorithm, which will not particularly highlight you. Better to create a post and include the link (in the text or in the comments) that you want to share!

When to post on LinkedIn?

This question is essential! Posting at any time will inevitably lower the reach of your posts. It is interesting to distribute content at times when Internet users are present on the web. Indeed, it is the number of reactions during the first hour that ultimately determines the visibility of the post.

4 steps to perform on LinkedIn
The best publication times to post on LinkedIn.com

Not being active on the platform is a real mistake. You have to be proactive on LinkedIn, publish regularly ( 2 or 3 times a week ), be original and innovative in your content.

Once you post, you need to be responsive to respond and react to every * comment . It is by creating this interaction that you also boost your visibility.

Thus, creating an editorial schedule will allow you to be regular and therefore more efficient . In this schedule plan your publication days but also and above all the theme of each post.

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This technique will allow you to be more motivated and better organized . In particular, you can write your content in advance.

Finally, never analyzing the results of your publications is a mistake not to be made. Analyzing your performance is essential to find out which posts are working or not with your community. You will be able to direct your actions accordingly to perform better.

You can also collect information on the activity and location of people who view your posts. This can be interesting to adapt your content to your community.

LITTLE TIPS : upgrade to LinkedIn Premium .

There are 4 subscription levels (LinkedIn Job Seeker, LinkedIn Business Plus, LinkedIn Sales Navigator and LinkedIn Recruiter Life) on LinkedIn Premium, each with their own particularity. For an individual, it is recommended to take the first level. Indeed, the other three more expensive, are intended for businesses and will be the subject of a future article .

The benefits of Job Seeker :

Consult the complete list of people who have searched for your profile Benefit from 3 messages intended for employers with whom you are not in contact Discover your position in relation to other candidates Use LinkedIn learning. These are the e-learning resources offered by the platform.

Thus, you will have all the keys to find a job easily via the platform. According to LinkedIn, this subscription would double the chances of being recruited.

4 steps to perform on LinkedIn
The advantages with Job Seeker

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4 steps to perform on LinkedIn
Day of the final of the 2021 Best Communication Strategy Award.

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Article written by MAXENCE RIVOIRE, 2021.