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The problem we are addressing is the lack of access to organic products for many consumers. This issue is relevant to a large segment of the population who are health conscious and environmentally conscious, but cannot readily find organic options.

Let me tell you about Michelle – she is a busy mother of two who wants to provide her family with the best and healthiest food. She has tried shopping at farmers’ markets and specialty food stores, but finds the cost to be exorbitant, and the selection is limited. Many of her local grocery stores carry organic produce, but it’s often past its prime or not being all-organic, leading her to be wary of what she feeds her family.

Currently, there are few options for consumers like Michelle to access organic products in a convenient and affordable way. Most options require driving away from home, ordering online with long wait times, or navigating crowds at a local farmer’s market, which don’t suit the busy lifestyles of many consumers today. .

This gap in the market has existed due to a lack of resources, infrastructure, and coordination among vendors, which makes it difficult to bring organic products to a large segment of the population that desires them.

Solution / value proposition

Our organic gardening business aims to solve the problem of limited availability of fresh and organic produce in urban areas. Our solution is to provide urban dwellers with a cost effective and convenient way to grow their own fruits, vegetables and herbs in their homes or community gardens.

We offer a variety of products including self-watering planters, organic seeds and fertilizers. Our planters are specially designed for small spaces such as balconies and patios, making it easy for our customers to grow their own products even in urban areas where space is limited.

We are committed to providing our customers with high quality organic products. Our seeds are non-GMO and our fertilizers are made from organic materials, ensuring that our customers can grow healthy, toxin-free products. Our products come with easy-to-follow instructions, making it easy for our customers to develop their own food, regardless of experience level.

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Our solution benefits customers by providing access to fresh, organic produce without having to rely on grocery stores. In addition, our products allow customers to control the freshness of their products, improve their overall health and contribute positively to the environment by decreasing carbon emissions resulting from the transport of products.

Our customers will feel empowered and proud to be able to develop their own products and contribute positively to their community and the environment. They will have a better sense of control over their food supply and be able to make more informed and healthy food choices.

Our solution is not only innovative, but we have also developed a unique story that resonates with our customers. We believe everyone has the right to access fresh, organic produce, no matter where they live. We are passionate about providing our customers with the tools and knowledge they need to grow their own food and live healthier, more sustainable lifestyles.

Our founding team consists of experienced entrepreneurs who have a passion for organic farming and the environment. Our team has many years of experience in the agricultural industry and has followed the latest trends and developments. We’ve worked hard to build a scalable, profitable business that benefits both our customers and our planet.

  • Planter plans that fit well in small spaces – ideal for urban areas
  • Organic seeds and fertilizers that ensure healthy and toxin-free products
  • Easy-to-follow instructions that appeal to all levels of experience
  • A unique and inspiring story that resonates with our customers

Our solution is amazing because it solves a real problem for urban dwellers who want access to fresh, organic produce. We offer a practical, affordable and environmentally friendly complete solution. Our products are unique, innovative and of high quality, giving our customers the opportunity to develop their own products in a way that improves their health, well-being and helps the environment. We want to revolutionize the way people think about fresh produce and be part of a bigger change for a more sustainable future.

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Market validation

The organic gardening industry is growing rapidly, with a current TAM of .2 billion in the United States alone. The market is expected to continue growing at a CAGR of 14.8% from 2021 to 2028, resulting in a projected TAM of .8 billion by the end of 2028 .

Customers in this market are willing to pay a premium for organic gardening products, with an average turnover per customer of 0 per year. Due to the growing awareness of the benefits of organic gardening and sustainable living, there has been an increase in interest among consumers .

Starting an organic gardening business is a great idea due to the growing demand for organic products and growing interest in sustainable living. With the rise of urban agriculture and people wanting to grow their own food, the market for organic gardening supplies and services is set to continue .

According to a report by the National Gardening Association, the number of households in the United States that participate in food gardening increased by 30% between 2008 and 2020. This trend is expected to continue, making this an ideal time to start a food gardening business. organic gardening .

Furthermore, consumers are becoming more environmentally and socially conscious and are willing to pay a premium for sustainable products. According to a Cone Communications survey, 88% of consumers want companies to help them have a positive impact .

Based on our research, customers are willing to pay a premium for organic garden products, with an average transaction value of . We plan to price our products at a competitive rate to attract a wide range of customers .

In summary, the organic gardening market is growing rapidly and we believe that starting an organic gardening business is a profitable and sustainable idea. With the growing interest in sustainability and organic living, we believe there is vast potential for growth in this market .

business model

Our business model is centered on providing organic gardening services to residential and commercial customers. We offer a variety of services ranging from designing and installing gardens to nurturing and maintaining them. We also sell organic seeds, plants and gardening supplies through our online store.

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How will you generate income? Our primary sources of revenue are service fees and product sales. Our service fees are based on the size and complexity of the garden, as well as the frequency of visits for maintenance. We also make a profit from the sales of products from our online store, which offers a range of organic seeds, plants and gardening supplies.

What is the total amount of income? Our projected revenue for the first year is 0,000.

What products will generate revenue? Our main revenue-generating products are organic seeds, plants and gardening supplies. These products are sold in our online store and can be shipped nationwide. We also generate revenue through our organic gardening services, which are marketed to residential and commercial customers.

How do we plan to generate more revenue in the future? To generate more revenue in the future, our plan is to expand our services to other geographic locations, partner with other complementary businesses, and potentially franchise our business model. We also plan to offer educational resources and workshops to our customers to encourage DIY organic gardening.

  • We generate revenue through service fees based on the size and complexity of the garden.
  • We sell organic seeds, plants and gardening supplies through our profit-generating online store.
  • We plan to expand our services to other geographic locations, partner with other complementary businesses, and potentially franchise our business model to generate more revenue in the future.


In the organic gardening market, the main competitors are traditional garden centers and nurseries. These companies offer a wide variety of gardening products, including plants, soil, and compost. Their staff is often knowledgeable about gardening, and they may offer classes and workshops to attract customers.

There are also specialized organic garden centers that focus on environmentally friendly products and practices. These companies offer products similar to traditional nurseries but cater specifically to the organic gardening market. They may also offer organic gardening education and consultation services.

Another growing segment of the market is online gardening retailers. These companies offer a huge selection of gardening products, from seeds to tools, often at competitive prices. While they may not offer the same level of personalized expertise as in-person nurseries, the convenience of online shopping appeals to many customers.

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Despite the competition, organic gardening aims to differentiate itself by offering a unique value proposition. Unlike traditional nurseries, we focus solely on organic gardening and only carry products that meet our high standards for sustainability and environmental responsibility. Our staff consists of experienced gardeners and sustainability experts who can provide personalized education and consulting services. Moreover, our online store has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for customers to find what they need quickly and efficiently.

Our USPs include:

  • 100% certified organic products
  • Personalized expertise and consulting services
  • Easy online ordering and convenient delivery options
  • A strong commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility

We believe our USPS will set us apart from the competition and attract customers who favor organic and sustainable gardening practices. Our closest competitors are traditional nurseries and specialist organic garden centres, but we aim to surpass them in terms of the quality of our products and the level of expertise we offer.

We anticipate that online garden retailers may steal some of our customers due to their convenience, but we plan to stay competitive by offering free shipping on orders over a certain amount and providing excellent customer service.

Founding team

Our founding team is made up of people with diverse but complementary skills and extensive experience in the agricultural and commercial industries. We are a passionate group of people who share a vision of promoting sustainable organic farming practices and improving consumer access to fresh organic produce.

John Smith – Co-founder and CEO. John has a master’s degree in agriculture and has spent over 20 years in the agriculture industry, including running his own organic vegetable farm. He specializes in crop management, plant breeding and improving soil fertility. His experience in sustainable agriculture is integral to the success of our business.

Jane Doe – Co-founder and COO. Jane holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration and brings over 10 years of experience in project management and the development of operational strategies. She is responsible for overseeing business operations, developing and implementing strategies and ensuring that our business objectives are met.

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Mike Brown – Co-Founder and CMO. Mike has a bachelor’s degree in marketing and has spent over 15 years in marketing and sales in the agriculture industry. He has extensive experience in B2B and B2C marketing, and is responsible for developing and executing our marketing strategies and building retailer partnerships.

Dr Sarah Lee – head of research and development. Dr. Lee has a Ph.D. in plant science and brings extensive research and development experience to the team. She oversees the development of new organic seeds, plant varieties and techniques to improve crop yields and quality. His work helps maintain high quality products, stay up to date with the latest trends and improve our overall competitiveness.

Together, our team brings a wide range of skills and expertise to the table. We believe that our diverse background and shared passion for organic farming make us the right team to meet the challenges of this business.

Although we have a well-rounded team, we understand that there may be some areas where we lack expertise. As such, we are committed to continuous learning and development, seeking advice from industry experts and building a network of advisors to guide us in areas where we may need of additional support.


Our organic gardening business has reached several milestones over the past year, underscoring our ability to execute and proving that we are on the right path to success.

  • 4.8 Star Rating on Google Reviews: We have successfully established our brand in the local community with customers giving us positive feedback on the quality of our products and services.
  • 10% per month revenue growth: Our customer base is growing consistently and we are confident in our ability to maintain this upward trend.
  • Partnerships with three local farms: We have established strong relationships with local farms, allowing us to regularly source organic and organic produce.
  • 50% increase in Instagram followers: Our social media presence has grown steadily, with an engaged following that actively shares our posts and products.
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These milestones serve as critical drivers of growth and validate our assumption that there is considerable demand for organic products and gardening services in the region. Additionally, we believe that our focus on exceptional customer service and high quality products has helped us gain a competitive edge and establish ourselves as a trusted brand in the marketplace.

Additionally, our customer acquisition cost has decreased, demonstrating that we are getting closer to achieving product market adjustment. We continually improve our marketing initiatives and leverage our partnerships with local farms to strengthen our market position. We believe that the growing awareness of sustainability and the importance of locally sourced organic products will continue to fuel market growth and present many opportunities for expansion.

Fund raising

As we continue to expand our organic gardening business, we are seeking 0,000 in funding to help us reach our goals for next year.

Funds raised will be accustomed to:

  • Developing and launching our new product – 0,000 will be dedicated to product development and the launch of our new organic soil line.
  • Marketing and Advertising – 0,000 will be allocated to marketing and advertising to increase our brand awareness and attract new customers.
  • Equipment purchases – 0,000 will be used to purchase new equipment and improve our production process.
  • New Employees – ,000 will be spent to hire new employees to support our growing business.

We are confident that with this funding, we will achieve our next set of milestones:

  • Launch our new organic floor line in the second quarter of 2022.
  • Increase our revenue by 50% in the first year.
  • Expand our production capabilities and product range.
  • Become a recognized leader in the organic gardening industry.

We believe that our unique approach to organic gardening and commitment to providing our customers with high quality products sets us apart from our competition. With your investment, we can take our business to the next level and achieve our long-term goals.

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