Great Business Ideas: Send Pizza to Potential Clients

Great Ideas for your Small Business: Send Pizza to Potential Clients

Everybody loves pizza. it’s not just hot, gooey, and delicious—it’s also a business opportunity. You probably never thought of pizza as a powerful business tool, but it is.

Scott Jackson, founder of the Jackson Design Group in Orlando, Florida, has used pizza as an ice-breaker for many years. He sends potential clients a fresh pizza right before lunchtime.

“If you walk into an office with pizza, people are going to smell it and get to the right person, no matter what.” Jackson’s pizzas are delivered in a custom-printed box with one slice missing. In the open space it says:

“For a larger slice of your market, call Jackson Design Group.” Recipients also find short client-success stories printed under the other slices. Jackson’s printer now provides the boxes at no charge because he’s getting so much new business from Jackson. The best news: Jackson said that of the companies he’s sent pizza to, about half have signed up with his agency.

A couple of other food ideas: Try sending a pair of chocolate shoes or cowboy boots in a box with a note: “I’m trying to get my foot in the door.” A meeting planner from Orlando once sent out the invitation to a baseball-themed fund-raiser on Cracker Jack boxes.

It cost 55 cents to mail each box, and they had record-breaking attendance.

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