Great Business Ideas: Use Food as a Selling Tool

Great Ideas for your Small Business: Use Food as a Selling Tool

Food is a powerful sales tool. everyone needs to eat, so take advantage of tasty treats whenever you can. This is a simple idea that really works.

Bright Star Resorts, which rents vacation homes and condominiums in Central Florida, hosts a monthly barbecue for their vendor travel agents, owners, and employees.

The barbecues not only give people a chance to socialize, but also help Bright Star’s management keep up with what’s going on in their offices.

Food is also the most appropriate gift for many business purposes. Holiday gift baskets filled with southern delicacies, including divinity, pecan rolls, and miniature pecan pies, are a huge hit among our clients and associates—so much so that I sent the same basket two years in a row, then switched back to Harry & David fruit baskets the following season.

One of the nicest presents we received from a client was an attractive wicker basket filled with wine, goblets, coffee, and gourmet snacks. We love to give and receive any sort of edible gifts. Food has another advantage: It’s very affordable and appreciated by people, no matter how affluent or important they are.

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