Great Business Ideas: Design a Great Sign for Your Business

Great Ideas for your Small Business:

Design a Great Sign for Your Business

When you don’t have a lot of money to spend, your sign becomes a magnet for business. It’s a perpetual advertisement.

Lloyd Miller, with Canterbury Travel Inc. in Winter Park, Florida, uses a clever sign to lure customers. “I own a travel agency on a high-visibility corner,” said Miller. “We put our cruise price specials on a dry-marker board labeled ‘Cruise Catch of the Day.’ The graphic is a cruise ship on a fish hook.

“The success has been phenomenal, with some people calling on their car phones looking at us through the window.” It doesn’t take much time or money to design an eye- catching sign for your business. Many sign makers rely on computer technology to design a sign and then cut the letters out of durable vinyl sheeting.

The first step is coming up with a great name for your business. Then decide whether you need a logo or graphic element to go along with your name.

A street sign usually features just your business name and possibly the phone number. A window sign may include your hours of operation and other details.

I’ve always been partial to a good neon sign, but what- ever type you choose, it should fit the style of your business and that of your community, and it has to be carefully maintained.

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