Great Business Ideas: Put Your Company Name on Everything

Great Ideas for your Small Business:

Put Your Company Name on Everything

When they first started making “rack Sacks,” plastic bag holders, Exhifix Inc. didn’t have much money to spend on advertising. That’s why they printed their company name and phone number on every product. As a result, it became very easy for people to order bag refills.
It sounds so simple, but too many small companies neglect to put their name and phone number on their products.

One small Arizona company that didn’t forget benefited with a big reorder. After just one sniff, I fell in love with Tessita’s Secret, a deliciously fragrant lotion made with cactus extracts and aloe vera. Before I used the last dab, I called the number on the bottom of the jar and ordered more—lots more.

It makes sense to use your product as its own billboard. If people liked it enough to buy it once, you want them to know how to buy it again.

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