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Getting a quick and affordable meal is becoming increasingly difficult as sandwich options for on-the-go customers are not readily available. This issue is particularly relevant to our target customer base, which primarily includes students and professionals who are constantly on the move and need quick yet filling meals.

To illustrate the problem, let me tell you about Jane. Jane is a college student who studies hard but barely has time to cook, let alone sit down for a traditional meal. She often skips meals or buys fast food, but she knows it’s unhealthy and unsatisfying. She wishes she had an option for Affordable, Healthy and Tasty Sandwiches that she can grab on the go .

The problem is prevalent not just in Jane’s situation, but in a large majority of the population who want quick and easy meal options but don’t want to compromise on quality, taste or nutrition. Fast food chains do not offer such options, forcing customers to opt for unhealthy, processed meals, which can have negative long-term health impacts.

The problem exists because there is not much competition in the market that meets the needs of the on-the-go customer. Although there are sandwiches that offer similar options, they tend to be expensive and in many cases do not have branches in all areas.

Our mission is to disrupt the market by bringing affordable, high-quality sandwich options to the masses, with Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches being the solution to that problem.


Solution / value proposition

The Taco Bell franchisee offers a one-stop solution for customers craving Mexican-inspired food, served conveniently and affordably. Our customizable options provide a unique experience for every customer, from traditional beef and chicken tacos to healthier vegetarian alternatives, there’s something for every area on our menu.

As a Taco Bell franchisee, we offer a modern, innovative take on Mexican cuisine with a “Mas Live” energy that inspires a sociable, loving, and lively culture. We are proud to be part of a brand that has been a household name in America for over 50 years, resonating with customers for quality, affordability and accessibility.

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We prepare our food using locally sourced, farm-fresh ingredients, ensuring taste and freshness are never compromised. Every customer is treated like family, and our prompt, friendly, and efficient service ensures a positive experience every time.

  • Our value proposition:
    • Authentic Mexican food served quickly and affordable
    • Customizable options that cater to various tastes and food preferences
    • Modern and innovative take on Mexican cuisine
    • Use of fresh, locally sourced ingredients
    • Friendly and efficient service with a “Mas live” energy

Customers who try our solution will be completely amazed by the choice of options and the quality of service. With the Taco Bell franchise, they will have access to the best in Mexican-inspired cuisine, with the convenience of a quick-service restaurant. Health conscious customers will be happy to know that we offer vegetarian and healthier options so they don’t have to compromise on taste when trying to eat healthy.

After enjoying the Taco Bell franchise, customers will feel like they got more than a meal – they received an experience. They will leave our restaurant satisfied and inspired to come back again and again. We guarantee that once they have tried the Taco Bell franchise, they will be hooked on the taste and culture, effectively turning them into brand ambassadors.

Market validation

The fast food industry is one of the largest and fastest growing industries in the United States, with a market size of approximately 0 billion. Taco Bell, one of the most successful and iconic fast food chains, has generated more than billion in revenue annually and is continuously expanding its reach into new markets. The total size of the addressable market for a Taco Bell franchisee is immense, given the growing demand for affordable and quick meal options.

The fast food industry has a unique characteristic of high sales volume per customer and a short selling cycle, allowing for rapid revenue generation. With an average transaction size of , the Taco Bell franchise serves a large market of customers looking for affordable yet delicious meal options. Plus, Taco Bell’s expansive menu and variety of flavors attract customers of all ages, making it a popular choice for families, college students and young professionals.

The fast food industry has grown steadily over the years, and the pandemic has further accelerated the demand for quick and affordable meal options. With the shift to more contactless and contactless options, the Taco Bell franchisee presents a viable solution for customers looking for convenient and tasty meal options. With the right marketing strategies and focus on delivery options, the market growth potential is immense.

Fast-food chain customers, especially Taco Bell, are willing to pay for high-value items and experiences. According to Statista, the average customer spend per visit to a Taco Bell restaurant was around .88 in 2020, indicating that customers are willing to pay for quality and value. The Taco Bell franchisee presents a unique value proposition with its extensive menu, innovative offerings and affordable prices, making it a great investment opportunity for interested parties.

business model

The Taco Bell franchisee business model is a franchise system that allows entrepreneurs to own and operate a Taco Bell restaurant. Our business strategy focuses on providing affordable and delicious Mexican-inspired fast food options with a customizable menu. We use high quality ingredients and spices to create unique and flavorful meals that appeal to guests of all ages and walks of life.

Our income is generated by restaurant sales. We offer a variety of meal options, including tacos, burritos, and nachos, as well as sides, such as chips and fries, and drinks. Customers can customize their meals to their liking, providing a unique experience for each individual. We also have a catering service which allows us to bring our delicious food options to special events such as corporate meetings and parties.

The total amount of revenue depends on each restaurant’s location and sales volume. The average Taco Bell location generates approximately .5 to million in annual revenue. Our franchise system has proven successful, with over 7,000 locations worldwide generating a total of approximately billion in revenue per year.

Our business model is scalable and adaptable to different markets and customer preferences, allowing rapid expansion into new areas. Our extensive training and ongoing support to franchisees ensures they are equipped with the tools and knowledge necessary to run a successful business. Additionally, we have a strong marketing and advertising campaign that helps attract and retain customers.

  • Revenue is generated from restaurant sales
  • The total amount of revenue depends on the location and sales volume of each restaurant
  • Taco Bell locations generate approximately .5-3 million in annual revenue
  • The franchise system is scalable and adaptable to different markets and customer preferences
  • Extensive training and ongoing support is provided to franchisees
  • A strong marketing and advertising campaign helps attract and retain customers

Overall, our business model and strategy has proven to be successful, and we are confident that with additional investment, we can expand our franchise system and bring delicious Mexican-inspired fast food options to even more. more customers, generate significant revenue and profit.


Our main competitors are fast food chains and other Mexican fast food restaurants, such as Chipotle, Qdoba and Moe’s Southwest Grill. These competitors offer affordable meal options and have a strong market presence.

  • What they do well: Fast and convenient service, affordable prices, diverse menu, and strong brand image.
  • What they do wrong: Limited customization options, use of processed ingredients, and lack of emphasis on fresh and healthy options.

However, French Taco Bell sets itself apart from its competitors by offering unique value propositions that meet changing customer requirements and preferences.

What makes us better: We use fresh, high-quality ingredients and offer a diverse menu that caters to different dietary requirements and tastes. Our customizable options allow customers to create a unique dining experience, and we offer convenient and prompt service that doesn’t compromise on quality or freshness.

  • Our USPS:
    • Use of fresh, high quality ingredients
    • Diverse menu that caters to different food preferences and tastes
    • Customizable options for a unique dining experience
    • Fast, friendly service that doesn’t compromise on quality or freshness

In terms of stealing customers, our competitors primarily attract customers who seek affordable and quick meal options, while we target customers who prioritize taste, quality and health. Therefore, our target audience is likely to be customers who are willing to pay a slightly higher price for fresh, high-quality food options, which sets us apart from our competitors. Additionally, our strong brand and unique value propositions provide a competitive advantage that helps us attract and retain customers.

Founding team

Our founding Taco Bell franchisee team is made up of experienced and seasoned professionals in the food industry. We have over 25 years of combined experience in the quick service restaurant (QSR) industry, and are passionate about delivering exceptional customer experiences while achieving business goals.

The primary goal of our team slide is to build trust with our investors and demonstrate that we have the skills and expertise to make the Taco Bell franchise a huge success.

Our CEO, John Smith, has over 15 years of experience in the QSR industry. He previously held management positions in various international fast food chains and has a deep understanding of industry trends. He led new initiatives that not only increased revenue for the company but also improved the customer experience.

As CMO, Jane Doe has extensive experience in marketing and advertising. She has worked with various multinational corporations and has a track record of developing successful marketing campaigns to reach and engage customers. With her expertise in brand management and customer acquisition strategies, she is well positioned to build the Taco Bell franchise brand.

Our COO, James Lee, holds a degree in hospitality management and has over a decade of experience in restaurant operations. He has worked with several national and international restaurant chains and successfully executed operational strategies that have resulted in revenue growth and increased customer satisfaction. With his operational knowledge, he is well placed to oversee all aspects of business operations.

Our team has a shared passion for the food industry and a unified goal to create a franchise system that will be successful and profitable. We have different skill sets that complement each other, making us a well-rounded and competent team.

Our team may lack key skills in areas such as legal or financial expertise. However, we are aware of these limitations, which is why we have formed strategic partnerships with professionals in related fields who can advise us and ensure that we implement best practices.

We believe we are the right people to take on the challenge of owning and operating a Taco Bell franchise. We have a proven track record of success in the industry and sharing a common vision for the future of the business.


At Taco Bell, we have achieved remarkable traction since the inception of our franchise system. Our sales performance has been consistently impressive and we have built a substantial customer base in the United States.

  • Our annual revenue has grown to .7 billion, and we currently have over 7,500 locations in the United States and 30 countries around the world.
  • Over the past year, we have opened an additional 500 new locations, achieving an annual growth rate of 7%.
  • Our expansion into untapped markets has been successful, and we have seen success in areas previously dominated by our competitors.

Our success can be attributed to our innovative and ever-changing menu that caters to various customer preferences. We invested in technology and created an online ordering system that resulted in significant sales growth. Additionally, the Taco Bell Mobile app has been downloaded over 10 million times, contributing immensely to our success.

Additionally, we continued to receive numerous recognitions and awards, solidifying Taco Bell’s position as a market leader.

Our traction measurements were also impressive. Our critical growth engines include:

  • Customer Satisfaction: We measure this through our monthly customer feedback surveys, and maintain a satisfaction score of over 90%.
  • Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC): Our CAC has reduced by 25% over the past year, driven primarily by our effective marketing strategies and the creation of targeted campaigns.
  • Store Level Rankability: Over the past year, our store profitability has increased, with store level EBITDA margins increasing by 10%.
  • Employee Satisfaction: Our employee satisfaction rating stands at 85%, with over 80% of our employees reporting a positive work environment and opportunities for growth.

Our traction metrics demonstrate our commitment to executing our business model successfully. We continue to innovate, expand our menu, and ensure our franchise system remains scalable and adaptable. Therefore, now is the perfect time for investors to join us and capitalize on our growing success.

Fund raising

As a Taco Bell franchisee, we raise million to expand our brand into new markets. This investment will help us open up to 10 new locations over the next 18 months and generate million in annual revenue. We believe our unique value proposition will help us attract franchisees and customers, creating an even greater return for our investors.

How much money is needed?

We need million in funding to expand our brand into new markets. This amount will cover start-up costs and operational expenses for the first year of the expansion. It will allow us to open up to 10 new locations and generate significant revenue over the next 18 months.

What is the money spent?

The funds we raise will be allocated as follows:

  • 80%: Franchisee fees and operational fees for new locations
  • 10%: Marketing and advertising efforts to promote our brand to new audiences and attract high-quality franchisees
  • 10%: New hires to manage new locations and ensure smooth operations

What will be achieved with the money?

We aim to open up to 10 new locations in untapped markets in the United States and generate million in annual revenue. This goal will help us establish a stronghold in the fast food industry, increase our market share, and position ourselves as the go-to choice for taco lovers who want quality, affordable options.

We will also work to improve our technology stack, optimize our supply chain and streamline our operations to improve efficiency across all locations. This approach will help us deliver consistent quality and taste, regardless of each customer’s geographic location. We believe this investment will help us scale exponentially in the years to come, generating significant revenue and benefits for all of our stakeholders.