Fundraising Score for Your Leisure Center: Crafting the Perfect Pitch Pitch

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Imagine a family with young children who want to spend a nice weekend together outside their house. Parents begin to search the internet and the region for entertainment options. Kids would love to play in an indoor playground and see cute animals in a petting zoo, but parents also want to find a place where they can relax with a cup of coffee and enjoy free time.

The problem is that finding such a place that ticks all the boxes is no easy task. The family has to visit several places, which is time-consuming and not always affordable. Going to an indoor playground means that parents have to take their children to other places to play sports or enjoy leisure activities, while the petting zoo means that they have to find a place to have snacks and cafe nearby.

Additionally, with the pandemic, the limited leisure options available have been affected by social distancing and safety measures. As a result, families struggle to find safe and fun recreational activities to do together.

It’s a relevant issue that affects many families and groups looking to spend quality time together. They need a solution that provides a diverse range of recreational activities and facilities under one roof, and that is safe and affordable.

The current solution for this problem is fragmented and time-consuming. Families and groups have to spend hours researching and moving from place to place, which not only eats up their time, but can also be costly. In addition, with the pandemic, many leisure centers have had to close or limit their activities, further reducing the options available.

The problem exists because few facilities offer a wide variety of recreational activities under one roof . Families and groups need a convenient and inclusive solution that caters to their different interests and preferences, and they need a safe and fun environment to enjoy these activities. That’s where our leisure center comes in, providing a one-stop solution that meets the changing needs of people of all ages.

  • Have I established an emotional connection with the investors?
  • Have I explained the problem in detail concisely and clearly?
  • Have I provided relevant statistics or research to support my claims?
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Our recreation center provides a one stop solution for all recreational needs that people of all ages struggle to find. We understand that finding attractive, safe and affordable family entertainment options is a challenge, which is why we have created a diverse range of physical and non-physical activities and facilities that cater to different interests and preferences.

Our Recreation Center not only provides a fun and engaging environment that promotes fitness, socialization and learning, but also provides a safe, affordable and enjoyable experience for everyone. We believe that every customer deserves a unique experience that is tailored to their needs, and that is what we strive to achieve.

Our focus on providing a one stop solution ensures families and groups no longer need to visit multiple locations to engage in different activities making it time consuming and costly. By offering various activities under one roof, we make it easier to have fun together and create lasting memories.

Our center is designed to provide a delightful experience for every customer. Children will be delighted when they see the large playground with several playgrounds, trampolines and soft play areas. Teenagers love to burn off energy playing basketball, soccer, or volleyball, while adults can enjoy a variety of fitness, yoga, dance, and cardio classes. We also offer computer games, board games, arts and crafts and other non-physical activities for those who prefer to relax.

The quality of our amenities speaks for itself. We have invested in top of the line equipment and facilities that will keep customers coming back for more, ensuring they feel the quality of our service.

Our goal is to ensure that every customer who walks through our doors is satisfied, engaged and happy. We think our solution is amazing, and we can’t wait for our customers to experience it firsthand.

Market validation

Recent events have had a significant impact on the global indoor entertainment market, with the pandemic causing many people to seek alternative recreational options. As a result, the demand for family entertainment has increased dramatically, and we are confident that our entertainment center will meet this need.

The global indoor entertainment market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.6% per year. In 2019, the market size was estimated at around 5 billion, with North American entertainment accounting for over 50% of the market share (Source:

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The TAM of our recreation center is estimated to be over million per year (Source: industry analysis). Our center will offer a wide range of facilities and activities that can cater to different interests and age groups, including an indoor playground, laser tag, arcade games and sports facilities.

Revenue per customer will vary depending on the level of membership they purchase, with our top tier providing unlimited access to all activities and facilities, while our basic tier will grant limited access. Sales cycles will be based on our monthly membership model, which we aim to keep as flexible and affordable as possible.

We believe now is an excellent time to launch our recreation center, considering people’s changing recreational needs. As the pandemic continues to restrict traditional entertainment options, we offer a viable one-stop solution that meets all recreational needs (Source: Consumer Research).

The family entertainment market is constantly growing and is expected to grow further as people increasingly prioritize their well-being and quality of life. Recent studies show that families are willing to pay up to 0 per month for recreational activities that promote family bonding and physical health (Source: Nielsen).

Our unique selling point is our commitment to providing an inclusive, safe and engaging environment for families, singles and groups. We are confident that our strong focus on customer experience and quality will set us apart from our competitors and position us as a leading leisure facility.

  • The global indoor entertainment market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 7.6% annually.
  • TAM for our recreation center is estimated at over million per year.
  • Families are willing to pay up to 0 per month for recreational activities that promote family ties and physical health.
  • We offer a viable one-stop solution that meets all recreational needs.

business model

Our recreation center operates on a membership model. Members can choose from different price levels depending on the number of activities and facilities they need. We offer monthly and annual subscriptions, providing flexibility and convenience to our members. Our goal is to provide value to our members while ensuring that our operating costs are sustainable.

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Revenue generation

The main source of our income is through memberships. We plan to generate 0,000 per year from membership fees alone. We provide different price tiers – silver, gold and platinum depending on how many activities and facilities they require. Memberships also come with other benefits such as discounts on food and beverage sales, events, workshops and classes and access to our loyalty program.

We also generate revenue through food and beverage sales at our cafes and provide catering for events and parties. We expect to generate 0,000 per year from these services alone. Food and beverage sales are expected to increase with events and workshops, providing additional revenue.

Income-generating products

  • Recreational Activities and Facility Accessions at Different Membership Levels
  • Food and beverage sales
  • Representation of events and parties
  • Events, workshops and courses
  • birthday party accommodation
  • Loyalty program

We have a steady stream of revenue from subscriptions, food and beverage sales, and catering. Our events, workshops and classes provide additional revenue and increase our exposure to potential members. We aim to keep our prices competitive while providing high quality services that promote our values of fitness, socializing and learning. With these revenue streams, we can ensure sustainable growth and profitability.


Our main competitors are indoor playgrounds, sports facilities and theme entertainment parks that provide recreational activities for families and groups. These competitors are well established in the market and have a loyal customer base. Indoor playgrounds are popular among young children, while sports facilities cater to those interested in team sports and fitness-focused activities. Theme amusement parks provide immersive experiences for visitors of all ages.

While these competitors have their strengths, they also have weaknesses. Indoor playgrounds often lack a variety of activities and facilities, causing kids to get undressed quickly. Sports facilities can be intimidating for beginners and may not cater to non-athletic interests. Theme amusement parks can be expensive and lack the flexibility to accommodate diverse interests and preferences.

Our unique selling point is the diverse range of activities and facilities we offer under one roof. We provide a fun and engaging environment that caters to people of all ages and interests. We focus on creating a safe, affordable and enjoyable experience that promotes fitness, socialization and learning sets us apart from our competitors.

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Our USPs include:

  • A wide variety of physical and non-physical activities and facilities
  • Limited waiting time or queues for activities and facilities
  • Membership model with value-to-value pricing tiers
  • Safe and inclusive environment for all members
  • Collaboration with local businesses, event hosting and loyalty programs
  • Convenient downtown location with easy access to public transportation

We believe our USPs will give us a competitive advantage in the marketplace. We aim to attract customers from our competitors by offering a one-stop solution to all their recreational needs. By building strong relationships with our members and delivering value, we can create a successful and sustainable business.

Our competitors could potentially steal our customers by offering similar activities and facilities at a lower price. However, we plan to counter this by regularly reviewing our pricing levels and adjusting them to align with market trends while maintaining value for money for our members.

Founding team

Our founding team is comprised of individuals with diverse expertise and proven track records of success in their respective fields. We believe our team is suited to the challenge of creating and running a successful recreation center.

[Name and Role of Founder] Has over a decade of experience in business management, marketing and sales. With a degree in business administration from [University], [name of founder] has worked with various companies and start-ups to develop and execute marketing strategies that have resulted in significant revenue growth.

[Name and Role of Founder] Brings a wealth of experience in event planning and management to the team. With a degree in event management from [university], [name of founder] has worked with top event companies to organize successful events that have attracted high profile clients and media coverage.

[Name and Role of Founder] Has extensive experience in the fitness industry, having worked as a personal trainer and gym manager for over a decade. With a degree in sports science from [university], [name of founder] has a deep understanding of the physical and recreational needs of people of all ages.

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[Name and Role of Founder] Brings to the team a strong background in finance and operations. With a degree in finance from [university], [name of founder] has worked with top accounting and finance firms, specializing in operational efficiency and cost-saving strategies.

Our goal as a team is to create a recreation center that provides a safe, engaging, and affordable environment for individuals and families to socialize, learn, and stay fit. Our shared passion for promoting healthy living and community building drives us to provide the best possible experience for our members.

Although we have a talented and experienced team, we recognize the importance of continuously improving and learning new skills. We are open to feedback and welcome opportunities for growth and development. We are committed to working as a team and collaborating with our members to create a recreation center that meets their needs and expectations.

In summary, we believe our founding team has the expertise, drive and passion to make the company a huge success. We are committed to creating a recreation center that meets the changing needs of people and improves their quality of life. We are confident in our ability to deliver value to our members and stakeholders, and we look forward to working with you.

Traction / Milestones

Our company has reached important milestones that prove that our company is on the right path to success. We secured a lease for a 10,000 square foot downtown facility, completed construction, and purchased the necessary equipment and supplies. Our facility is made up of a team of qualified and experienced professionals dedicated to providing a safe, fun and engaging experience for our members.

Our membership base has grown steadily since the launch of our website and social media platforms. We have been successful in attracting families and groups who are looking for a one-stop solution to all of their recreational needs. Our members are very satisfied with the diverse range of activities and facilities that we offer under one roof.

  • We achieved a customer retention rate of 85%, which is significantly higher than our initial goal of 70%. This is a clear indication that our members are satisfied with our services and enjoy the recreational experience we provide.
  • We have held several successful events and workshops including fitness classes, art workshops and musical performances. These events have helped us build stronger relationships with our members and attract new customers.
  • We have partnered with several local businesses to offer exclusive discounts and promotions to our members. This has helped us increase customer loyalty and retention.
  • We have received several positive reviews and recommendations on social media platforms and review websites, which have helped us attract more customers and build our brand reputation in the community.
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Our planned milestones include expanding our membership base by launching targeted marketing campaigns, introducing new activities and facilities to meet diverse interests and preferences, and partnering with key community stakeholders to improve our brand awareness and reach. We are confident that with the right funding and support, we can continue to achieve significant milestones and become a market-leading leisure facility.

Fund raising

We are seeking a seed investment of 0,000 to accelerate our growth and expansion plans. This amount was calculated based on our start-up costs, operational expenses, and marketing and outreach expenses.

The funds will be used for various purposes, such as:

  • Completion of final construction of our 10,000 square foot facility
  • Development of additional facilities, activities and services
  • Investment in marketing and outreach to attract potential members
  • Hire additional staff to support our growth
  • Purchase additional equipment and supplies to enhance our recreational offerings

With this seed investment, we plan to achieve the following milestones:

  • Increase membership by 50% in the first year of operation
  • Host successful events and workshops to build member relationships and promote our services
  • Partner with key community stakeholders to increase visibility and awareness of our recreation center
  • Establish a loyal clientele by offering a unique and diverse range of activities and services
  • Expand our offerings to cater to a broader demographic of families and groups

By reaching these milestones, we believe we will be able to demonstrate our value to potential investors and secure additional funding in the future to pursue our expansion plans.

Fundraising Score for Your Leisure Center: Crafting the Perfect Pitch Pitch

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