Funding Your Family Service Dreams: Making a Winning Pitch

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Families today lead busy lives with multiple responsibilities to juggle. Imagine a mother who wakes up early in the morning to make breakfast for her family, drop her kids off at school, go to work for eight hours, come back to pick up the kids, cook dinner and make sure her kids’ homework is done. children are finished. This scenario is not unique to one family; Countless families face this situation.

The problem that family service aims to solve is the lack of external support for families to manage their multiple responsibilities. It is difficult to manage work with household chores and family care without any external support. This lack of support causes significant stress and burnout, resulting in a lower quality of life, especially for working parents.

This issue is relevant to the masses because studies have shown that more women are joining the workforce than ever before, and households are becoming more nuclear. According to a survey conducted by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, 71% of women in the United States participated in the workforce in 2020. This number is only growing, highlighting the need for support services to manage household chores and daycare.

The current solution to the problem is to hire individual service providers for specific tasks like cleaning, babysitting or shopping or asking friends and family for help. However, this process is neither cost-effective nor feasible for most families, and it becomes difficult to manage multiple service providers. The need for a one-stop solution as a family service is apparent.

The problem exists because the current market could not meet the needs of the modern family. With the increased participation of women in the labor force, household demands have also changed. Family Service fills this gap by providing a range of services that meet the different needs of the family, including childcare, home help, running errands, grocery delivery, etc., which makes life easier for working parents.

Solution / value proposition

Family Service is a complete solution for all support services related to families. Our services include childcare, home help, running errands, grocery delivery, etc. Our mission is to provide families with a one-stop solution that simplifies and elevates their quality of life. With Family Service, parents can have peace of mind knowing that their family’s needs are being taken care of efficiently and effectively.

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Our subscription packages are designed to meet different family needs. We offer three packages – Basic, Premium and Ultimate – which vary in price and included services. The basic package offers basic home help and childcare services, while the premium package includes additional perks such as grocery delivery and running errands. The Ultimate Package is designed for families who require a higher level of support, including specialty care options.

What sets us apart from other service providers is that we prioritize quality service, flexible hours and stable customer service. We strive to ensure that our clients feel heard, valued and supported by providing personalized services that meet their unique needs.

After using our services, clients will feel a sense of relief and comfort knowing that their family needs are being taken care of by experienced professionals. We aim to create lasting relationships with our clients and become their go-to partner for all family-related support services.

Our solution is not only amazing, but also a necessity for busy families. By offering a one-stop solution, we save our customers time, energy and effort on household chores, allowing them to focus on what really matters – their family.

Market validation

Recent events have had a significant impact on family lifestyles. Most families spend their time juggling multiple responsibilities, including taking care of family, household chores, and work. With little external support, these tasks can be overwhelming. Family Service’s solution is a one-stop-shop for all family-related support services. To understand the size of the market, we researched data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). According to the BLS, the demand for child care and home support services will increase from 2019 to 2029.

  • Demand for child care services is expected to increase by 4%.
  • The demand for home help services is expected to increase by 7%.
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The MAC for the two industries combined is .1 billion, according to a report from Ibisworld. Based on our research, we expect annual revenue per customer to be around ,000.

Starting a business in this market is a good idea for various reasons. First, external support services related to families are in high demand. With hectic lifestyles, families are looking for one-stop solutions to manage their daily tasks. Second, our strong industry experience and knowledge of customer requirements will enable us to provide quality service, which will attract more customers.

The market is growing as more businesses realize the need for family support services. According to data from Ibisworld, the overall industry in the United States is expected to grow at an average annual rate of 3.7% over the five years to 2025. This data gives us confidence that investing in family service is an opportunity viable and that there is significant growth potential.

Our research indicates that our customers are willing to pay subscription fees that align with their needs. We will be offering three packages, with prices ranging from 00 to 00 per year. The packages differ depending on the types of services the client needs.

business model

Family Service’s business model is based on subscription packages that cater to different family needs. We will offer three packages – basic, premium and ultimate, with different pricing to create value for all types of customers.

  • Basic Package: This package focuses primarily on childcare services and will provide a minimum of 10 hours of service per week.
  • Premium package: This package will offer a range of services that include childcare, home help, and errand running, among others. The premium plan offers a minimum of 20 hours per week.
  • Ultimate Package: This package is our flagship package and offers full support for families. This will include all of our services including grocery delivery, pet care, etc. The ultimate package offers a minimum of 40 hours per week.
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Our price is competitive and designed to appeal to different types of customers. The pricing structure for each package is based on the number of hours of services we provide. We’ve designed our packages to deliver value to our customers while maximizing business revenue.

We aim to generate revenue by providing our clients with a range of family related support services. Our customers will subscribe to our services according to their needs, and we will offer them personalized packages. Each package has been designed to create maximum value for our customers and maximum revenue for the business. We project a revenue stream of million in the first year and plan to grow our revenue by 25% each year.

Our main products that will generate revenue are our packages, which include childcare, home help, errands, pet care, grocery delivery, and more. Each package has been carefully designed with the flexibility and requirements of our customers in mind to add value to their lives and generate revenue for our business.


Our competitors include various service providers in the market that offer services similar to what we offer. However, none of them provide a one-stop platform like Family Service, which makes us unique and stand out from others.

Competitor 1: XYZ Services, offer childcare and home support services, but their packages are limited and do not meet diverse family needs.

Competitor 2: ABC Care provides child care services, but their price is higher, and they don’t offer flexibility in schedules like we do at Family Service.

Competitor 3: PQR helps provide errands and household grocery delivery services. However, their service quality is not up to par and has no fast customer service.

At Family Service, we differentiate ourselves by keeping our focus on Quality Service, Flexible Hours and Stable Customer Service . We’ve designed our subscription packages to meet various family needs and offer competitive pricing to appeal to different types of customers.

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Our Unique Selling Propositions – USPS are:

  • One-stop solution that caters to all family-related support services
  • Customizable plans that meet diverse family needs
  • Quality service, flexible hours and stable customer service
  • Competitive pricing that appeals to different types of customers

We believe our USPS sets us apart from the competition and positions us as an important player in the market. We do not see our competitors as a threat but as a means to learn, improve and grow.

Our potential customers are currently seeking external support services from multiple vendors, which can be time-consuming and, at times, inefficient. Thus, we aim to provide a better solution that saves our customers time and adds value to their lives. We believe that our competitors will not steal from our customers because they are already looking for a one-stop-shop solution like Family Service.

Founding team

The Family Services Foundation team is made up of experienced professionals who have worked in the support services industry for several years. Our team members have a deep understanding of the industry and have the expertise to provide the highest level of customer service and quality service.

Jane Doe, our CEO and co-founder, has over 10 years of service industry experience. She has a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) and has experience working with major service providers, such as XYZ Company, and leading their expansion into new markets. She has strong leadership skills and a vision to make family service a top name in the industry.

John Smith, our Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder, has over 15 years of operations and management experience. He has an MBA in Operations and Supply Chain Management and previously worked with ABC Company, where he was instrumental in developing their operational strategies and effectively managing their teams. His expertise in strategic planning and operations management will prove invaluable in ensuring that family service runs smoothly and efficiently.

Emily Sanders, our CMO and co-founder, has over 8 years of marketing and sales experience. She has a bachelor’s degree in marketing and previously worked with Def Company, where she was responsible for developing and managing marketing campaigns. His expertise in marketing and sales will prove essential in reaching our target market and acquiring new customers.

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Together, our founding team has the skills and expertise to make family service a huge success. We are highly driven and committed to providing a one-stop solution for families, and we have a shared passion for making family life less stressful and more enjoyable.

The primary goal of our team is to build our skills and capabilities to make family service a leader in the industry. We have a proven track record, and our combined experience and expertise will be critical in executing our business plan.

There is no lack of skills among our team members. We complement each other in terms of skills, and our experience in various aspects of the service industry ensures that we have a well-rounded team that can meet any challenge.

We are the right people for the challenge of making Family Service a leading service provider for families. Our experience, expertise and shared passion for our business will allow us to overcome any obstacle and make family service a household name.


At Family Service, we understand the importance of building traction early on. We have made significant progress towards increasing our user base and building our brand in the market. Here are some of our milestones:

  • We have conducted extensive market research to understand the need for our services among families. Our focus groups provided valuable information that helped us create subscription packages that meet specific family needs.
  • We have started promoting our services through social media and have already gained a significant following. We have received positive feedback from potential customers, with many expressing interest in subscribing to our packages.
  • We have successfully onboarded our first set of clients and are receiving excellent feedback on the quality of our services. Our customers appreciate the flexibility of scheduling and the convenience of having all of their family support services bundled into one subscription.
  • We have also identified critical metrics that will drive our growth going forward. Our primary focus is on increasing customer retention rates and reducing customer acquisition costs. We continually monitor these metrics and apply adjustments to our business model to ensure we meet our goals.
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Our traction milestones prove that we are progressing towards our goal of becoming the provider of family support services. We are confident that our quality service, flexible hours and stable customer service will help us stand out in the market and attract loyal customers.

Fund raising

At Family Service, we are looking to raise 0,000 in funding to accelerate the growth of our business. This investment will help us develop our technology infrastructure, build our marketing strategy and hire professionals to expand our services.

With this investment, we plan to complete the development of our mobile application and launch our services in our target market. This will allow us to reach a wider audience and establish ourselves as a one-stop solution for family-related support services.

Specifically, the funds will be divided between the following areas:

  • Product Development: To improve our technology infrastructure and improve our customers’ user experience.
  • Marketing: To promote our services through various channels and gain customer traction in our target market.
  • New Employees: To expand our team and hire professionals who can help us achieve our goals and maintain the highest standards of our service delivery.

With this investment, we aim to achieve the following milestones:

  • Launch our mobile app and start serving customers within six months.
  • Establish us as the premier provider of family-related support services to our target market.
  • Grow our customer base in the first year and achieve profitability within two years.

We believe this investment will allow us to achieve our goals and create value for our customers while building a long-term sustainable business. We welcome your support and hope you will join us on this exciting journey.