Youth Employment Contract: a springboard towards a successful career

The Youth Employment Contract (CEJ) is a unique opportunity for young people who wish to start their professional career. This system allows access to stable employment, with clearly defined missions and personalized support. In this article, discover the conditions required to benefit from this contract, the sectors concerned and the advantages it offers to young graduates.

The Youth Employment Contract was set up by the State with the aim of promoting the professional integration of young people under the age of 26. This is a permanent (CDI) or fixed-term (CDD) employment contract , which aims in particular to meet the needs of companies in terms of specific skills adapted to their activities.

This contract is mainly intended for young people from priority neighborhoods or with a low level of qualifications. However, it may also be suitable for young graduates who are having difficulty finding a job corresponding to their training.

To be eligible for the Youth Employment Contract, the candidate must meet several conditions:

It should be noted that these conditions may vary depending on the regions and professional branches concerned. It is therefore recommended to contact your local mission or employment center to find out the specific criteria applicable in your situation.

The Youth Employment Contract covers a wide range of sectors of activity, including:

This list is not exhaustive and other sectors may also offer Youth Employment Contract opportunities. The main thing is to find a position that matches your skills and your professional project.

The main advantage of the Youth Employment Contract is that it offers job security , thanks to the guarantee of a permanent or fixed-term contract. In addition, remuneration is generally aligned with that of other employees in the company, which allows the young person to benefit from a stable financial situation.

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Throughout the contract, the young person benefits from individualized support from their local mission or employment center. This can take the form of regular monitoring, support in job searches, or even help with career guidance. This support aims to facilitate the young person’s integration into the company and give them every chance of succeeding in their career.

As part of the Youth Employment Contract, young people can also follow specific training related to their profession or sector of activity. These training courses are generally funded by the employer and allow young people to acquire additional skills, while strengthening their employability.

To apply for a Youth Employment Contract, it is recommended to:

In short, the Youth Employment Contract represents a real opportunity for young people who wish to launch into working life. Thanks to attractive remuneration, personalized support and adapted training, this system offers all the keys to a successful professional career and fulfillment in your profession.