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Many companies struggle with managing their public image and reputation. Negative press can damage a company’s brand and bottom line, and it can be difficult to mitigate the impact of rumours, misinformation and negative reviews on social media platforms. For example, Anna , the owner of a small bakery, faced a major crisis when a customer falsely accused her of serving expired food via a viral tweet. As a result, she lost many customers and her income and reputation suffered.

This issue is highly relevant because the internet and social media have made it easy for anyone to share negative information about a company or person. Therefore, businesses must have a proactive approach to managing their public image and reputation, especially in today’s digital age where information travels faster than ever.

The current solution to this problem is for companies to hire a PR agency. However, many agencies lack transparency about their strategies and results, which often leads to unmet expectations and wasted resources. Additionally, some agencies use outdated techniques that don’t align with today’s digital landscape.

There are several reasons why this problem exists. First, companies may not be devoted to how to handle negative publicity, causing them to react poorly or ignore the situation. Second, traditional PR agencies often rely on siled and outdated techniques. Third, social media and digital platforms create a large amount of information, which makes it difficult to manage and monitor.

Solution / value proposition

In our public relations agency, we understand the growing need for companies to differentiate themselves in a crowded and noisy market. We believe that success lies in building strong relationships with media, influencers and customers, and we know how to achieve this goal.

Our solution is to provide comprehensive public relations services that include creating and executing personalized campaigns, developing compelling messages, and building and maintaining strong relationships with key stakeholders. We incorporate a mix of traditional and digital media to ensure maximum awareness and engagement. Our services are tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients, and we make sure to stay ahead of the curve with our constant research and analysis of industry trends and the media landscape.

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We go above and beyond to provide our clients with the support they need to achieve their goals. We immerse ourselves in their brand and understand their values and mission, which allows us to deliver authentic messages and build trust with their stakeholders. We also believe in transparency, which means that we provide our clients with regular reports, comments and advice.

Our clients can benefit from our extensive network and partnerships with major media and influencers, as well as our experience in crisis management and risk communication. We provide 360-degree service from strategy development to execution, and we track and analyze results to ensure we are meeting our clients’ goals.

  • Does this really solve the problem discussed?

Yes, our solution really solves the problem addressed, which is the need for businesses to stand out in a crowded and noisy market. Our comprehensive public relations services enable our clients to differentiate themselves from their competitors, build strong relationships with key stakeholders and achieve their goals.

  • Is the solution so good that the customer will do anything to get it?
  • How will the customer feel after using the solution?
  • Is the solution amazing?

Our solution is so good that our clients will see tangible results and feel empowered and confident in their brand. Our services are tailored to meet their unique needs and goals, and we are committed to delivering exceptional quality and excellence. Our clients will feel relieved knowing that they have a professional and experienced team supporting them in building and maintaining their reputation and relationships.

Market validation

Our market validation shows that there is significant demand for PR services, with a total addressable market size of billion. This market includes businesses of all sizes and industries because all businesses need effective communication with their stakeholders in order to be successful.

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Our specific market niche includes medium-sized companies with annual revenues between million and 0 million. These companies often struggle to hire and retain in-house PR professionals due to budget constraints and limited resources.

Starting a PR agency is a good idea due to the growing need for businesses to maintain a positive reputation and communication strategy with their stakeholders. The world is becoming more connected and transparent, and companies must adapt to this reality in order to maintain trust with their customers, employees and investors.

The public relations services market is growing steadily, with a projected compound annual growth rate of 7.9% from 2020-2025. This growth is driven by the growing importance of brand reputation in the digital age, as well as the rise of social media and the 24-hour news cycle.

Our market research indicates that our target clients are willing to pay an average of ,000 to ,000 per month for high quality PR services. This price is competitive with other PR agencies in our market niche and allows for a healthy profit margin.

In conclusion, our market validation shows that there is a significant opportunity for a PR agency specializing in working with mid-sized companies. We have identified a growing market with specific needs and are well positioned to provide high quality services to our target customers.

business model

Our PR agency operates on a service-based business model. We provide public relations and marketing services to our clients, and our revenue streams come primarily from service fees charged for these services. Our business strategy is to focus on building long-term relationships with our clients to ensure their continued satisfaction and loyalty to our agency.

Revenue generation

Our agency generates revenue primarily by providing public relations and marketing services, charging a fee for each service offered. Our rates vary depending on the complexity and scope of the project, with higher rates charged for more extensive or specialized services.

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On average, our agency generates approximately million in revenue per year, with growth potential based on securing new clients and expanding our services.

Service offerings

Our agency offers a variety of PR and marketing services that generate revenue, including:

  • Media Relations and Outreach
  • Event planning and management
  • Crisis communication planning and management
  • Social Media Marketing and Management
  • Brand development and management
  • Content creation and distribution

These services enable us to provide a full range of public relations and marketing solutions to our clients, helping them enhance their brand image and improve their overall business performance.


As a public relations agency, our main competitors are other industry agencies that provide similar services. Some of our competitors include:

  • ABC Agency: They have a strong reputation in the market, offering a wide range of PR services to clients. However, they do not specialize in any particular niche.
  • Agency XYZ: They specialize in crisis management, which sets them apart from other agencies. However, they don’t have as much experience in other aspects of public relations.
  • PQR Agency: They have a good track record of working with large companies, which is a plus. However, they charge higher fees than most other agencies.

Despite the presence of these competitors in the market, our agency stands out in several ways:

  • Specialization: We specialize in working with startups and small businesses, which helps us better understand the unique challenges they face.
  • Creative Strategy: We pride ourselves on creating creative and effective public relations strategies tailored to the unique needs of each client.
  • Effective: We offer our services at a reasonable price, making them accessible to startups and small businesses that might not have large PR budgets.

Our unique selling points include:

  • Personalized approach: We take the time to understand each client’s brand and specific needs, tailoring our services accordingly.
  • Flexibility: We are willing to work with clients on short-term or long-term contracts, and can adjust our services as their needs change over time.
  • Proven Results: We have a track record of helping our clients achieve their public relations goals, whether it’s increasing brand awareness, fundraising, or building a strong reputation in the marketplace.
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We see our position in the market as a company that offers high quality, specialized PR services for startups and small businesses at an affordable price. Our clients often come to us after being dissatisfied with the services of larger and more expensive agencies. We believe that by offering a personalized approach and creative strategies tailored to each client, we can continue to differentiate ourselves from our competitors and grow our business.

The type of competitor that can potentially steal our clients are freelancers who offer public relations services at a lower price. However, we believe that our specialized services and proven results will continue to attract clients who value the quality and experience our agency brings to the table.

Founding team

Our PR agency is founded by a team of experienced professionals with diverse backgrounds and expertise. Together, we have a shared commitment to delivering exceptional results to our clients and making our agency a leader in the industry.

John Smith, CEO: John has a degree in public relations and has over ten years of industry experience, previously working at several well-known agencies. He has an extensive network of contacts and is adept at developing strategies that lead to successful results for clients.

Mary Johnson, COO: Mary has a degree in business administration and has worked in various management roles for over fifteen years. She is committed to creating an agency culture that encourages innovation and collaboration. Mary is also passionate about philanthropy and has led several successful fundraising campaigns.

David Lee, CMO: David has a degree in marketing and has over ten years of industry experience, specializing in digital marketing and social media. It has a proven track record in developing effective campaigns and increasing brand awareness.

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Jane Davis, Creative Director: Jane holds a degree in graphic design and has worked in the design industry for over fifteen years. She has led many successful branding projects and is adept at developing creative solutions to complex design challenges.

Mike Patel, Senior Account Manager: Mike has a degree in communications and has worked in account management for over ten years. He is a skilled communicator and has a deep understanding of what clients need to achieve.

Together, our team brings a wide range of skills and experience to our agency, ensuring that we can deliver the best possible outcome for our clients. We are committed to staying at the forefront of industry development and innovation, constantly adapting to stay ahead of the curve.


Our PR agency has been steadily gaining momentum since our launch in 2019, with a focus on delivering innovative and impactful solutions to our clients. We have set milestones and measurable goals for our business, and are proud to report the following achievements:

  • Revenue increase of 40% in the quarter over the last year
  • Expanded our customer base by 50%, with increased demand from the technology and healthcare industries
  • Acquired 2 major clients with a combined value of over million in contracts
  • Reduced our customer acquisition cost by 15%
  • Grown our social media post 75%, with an engaged audience of potential customers and industry influencers.

Our focus on customer satisfaction has been a driving factor in our growth. Through continuous communication with our customers, we have always received positive feedback and glowing referrals.

  • Our net promoter score has increased to 85%, indicating a high level of loyalty
  • We have received numerous industry awards and accolades, including “Best Public Relations Agency” at the 2020 Communications Awards

We have also invested heavily in developing the skills and expertise of our team, which has contributed significantly to our success.

  • Our team grew by 25%, with key hires in marketing, analytics and creative
  • We have implemented ongoing training and development programs, resulting in a more talented and capable team
  • We maintained low employee turnover, with a focus on creating a positive work culture and competitive compensation.
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Based on these milestones, we are confident that our agency is positioned for continued growth, with plans to expand our geographic reach and service offerings into new industries.

Fund raising

As a growing PR agency, we are looking to raise million in seed funding to complete our product development and release a beta.

This investment will allow us to create a scalable platform, refine our services and expand our operations to new markets. Specifically, the funds will be allocated as follows:

  • Product Development (40%): Our main goal is to create a user-friendly, data-driven and efficient platform. We will invest heavily in back-end technology, user interface and mobile app development.
  • Marketing (30%): To expand our brand reach into new markets, we will invest in digital marketing campaigns, event sponsorships and public relations to build our presence and build trust with new and existing customers .
  • New Hires (20%): The company plans to hire additional staff to build a robust team of industry experts to oversee platform development, marketing and sales.
  • Legal and Administrator (10%): We will use a small percentage of our funding to cover legal fees, taxes and other operating costs.

We expect to achieve several critical milestones with this investment, including:

  • Launch of a beta version of our platform in six months
  • Triple our customer base over the next year
  • Establish strategic partnerships with other industry players
  • Increase our service offerings and expand into new geographies

Ultimately, our goal is to become a leader in the PR industry, and we firmly believe that this investment will get us there. We are confident that the million investment we are seeking will allow us to build a robust platform, acquire new customers, expand our services, and achieve our short and long term business goals. .

Winning investors with the perfect PR pitch

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