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The problem we’re addressing is the lack of innovative, fully immersive escape room experiences that respond to changing consumer preferences brought about by the pandemic. Participants want to engage in exciting and unique gaming experiences without risking their health by going outside or in a confined space. With the limitations of brick-and-mortar escape rooms being constrained by their physical spaces, the demand for more innovative solutions is higher than ever.

This demand for immersive and safe gaming experiences is necessary because entertainment options have been extremely limited by the pandemic. There is a need for new and engaging activities that can be experienced from home, which creates a real opportunity for the growth of virtual reality (VR) games.

The problem we solve with our VR Escape Room is the lack of innovative and immersive game options with significant growth potential. With Virtual Reality, we can take the gaming experience to greater heights and provide a unique way to engage in an escape room adventure.


Solution / value proposition

In our virtual escape room business, we have the perfect solution to the problem of consumers wanting to be fully immersed in the experience of an escape room while being limited by their physical spaces or lack of innovative designs. Our Virtual Reality Escape Rooms provide a highly immersive and unique gaming experience using Virtual Reality technology, which provides endless game design possibilities and allows participants to explore exciting environments and scenarios.

Our core value proposition is to give participants a taste of an escape room adventure like never before, all before from the comfort of their homes. With various game options, participants can customize the level of difficulty to their liking, ensuring there is an experience to suit everyone. Not only do we provide unique and exciting games, but we also offer our services at a reasonable price. This makes our virtual reality escape rooms accessible to as many people as possible.

By selecting our Virtual Reality Escape Rooms, guests can truly escape the pressures of everyday life and enter an interactive environment that is both exciting and challenging. Upon completion of a virtual reality escape room game, participants will leave feeling empowered and energized from their unique experience.

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Our solution is not only good, but also revolutionary for the escape room and virtual reality entertainment industry. Unlike brick and mortar escape rooms, our virtual reality escape rooms have the advantage of allowing players to interact with different environments that are impossible to recreate in a physical space. We’ve perfected the technology to deliver an immersive gaming experience, which makes our solution amazing.

  • Our solution is very accessible and flexible, making it suitable for individual bookings and corporate events.
  • We’ll be introducing new games regularly to keep attendees engaged and excited for the next theater-like gaming experience.
  • We have developed and tested various ready-to-play games and are open to customization if customers want something personalized.
  • Our escape rooms can accommodate multiple players simultaneously, allowing for a more collaborative and social gaming experience.

Our founding team of successful entrepreneurs in the entertainment industry, combined with our technical experts in virtual reality game design, ensures a seamless game development process from inception to launch. Our commitment to excellence is what drives us to achieve our mission, and we are confident that commercial virtual reality escape room solutions will revolutionize the gaming and entertainment experience as we know it.

Market validation

The Virtual Reality Market is Expected to Grow .7 Billion By 2024. This presents a massive opportunity for our VR Escape Room business as we explain a market with growing demand for immersive gaming experiences. While brick-and-mortar escape rooms already exist, their physical limitations restrict their potential growth, while virtual reality allows for endless game design possibilities and a highly immersive experience.

Recent times have only served to reinforce this opportunity. With the advent of the pandemic, consumers are looking for entertainment from the safety of their homes. Sales numbers in the entertainment industry have increased significantly, especially the growing demand for virtual and augmented reality experiences.

The escape room industry has grown rapidly, with a 71% increase in the number of escape rooms in the United States between 2017 and 2018 . Consumers are willing to pay for these experiences, with the average cost per person ranging from to depending on location, and slightly higher in larger cities. With our VR Escape Room business model, we will provide individuals and businesses with the same exciting experiences in their homes or offices using virtual reality technology.

  • Total addressable market size (TAM): .7 billion
  • Revenue per customer:
  • Sales cycle: One-time purchase per game session or can be bundled with other games/options for repeat purchase quality.
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The combination of a growing VR market, growing demands for immersive gaming experiences and the limitations of brick and mortar escape rooms all point to the perfect time for our VR Escape Room business. . With a highly skilled team in place, our business model has enormous potential for growth and profitability.

business model

Our business model revolves around ticket sales for our virtual reality escape rooms. Customers will be able to choose from a variety of game options and customize the difficulty to their liking. Our pricing options will be tailored to individual and corporate bookings.

Each virtual reality escape room has a maximum capacity of four players per session. This allows us to provide a personalized and intimate experience for each group. Our virtual reality escape rooms will be accessible through VR equipment which will be provided upon arrival. Participants can bring their own VR headset or rent one from us.

In addition to ticket sales, we will also explore the long-term potential of licensing virtual reality escape room technology to other companies.

Revenue generation:

  • Virtual Reality Escape Room Ticket Sales
  • Pricing options suitable for individual and corporate bookings
  • Licensing virtual reality escape room technology to other companies

Total income:

Our revenue growth will depend on several factors, such as the demand for our product and the scale at which we operate. However, based on our market analysis and projection, we estimate to generate million in revenue in the first three years of operation.

Products that generate revenue:

  • Virtual Reality Escape Room Ticket Sales
  • Rental for VR equipment
  • Licensing virtual reality escape room technology to other companies
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In the virtual reality entertainment market, we face competition from a variety of companies offering different types of experiences. While we recognize that other companies may offer similar virtual reality escape room games, we believe our unique value proposition sets us apart from our competitors.

One of our competitors is traditional brick and mortar escape rooms. These physical locations provide an immersive experience but are limited by their physical space and often lack innovative designs. Another competitor is online virtual reality entertainment platforms which offer a variety of games but do not combine the experience of an escape room with virtual reality technology.

Although these competitors offer a different experience, we believe that our virtual reality escape rooms offer several unique advantages. First, our virtual reality technology allows us to create endless possibilities for game design and a very immersive experience. Additionally, participants can choose from various game options and customize the difficulty to their liking, providing a unique and personalized experience not found in traditional escape rooms.

Our unique selling point (USP) is the combination of virtual reality technology with the immersive experience of an escape room. This combination sets us apart from our competitors and creates an unparalleled experience in the market.

Our target audience is those looking for an immersive and engaging experience that can be enjoyed from the convenience and safety of their own home. Our main competitors are online virtual reality entertainment platforms and traditional physical escape rooms. Online virtual reality entertainment platforms offer a wide range of games, but they don’t necessarily offer the immersive experience that we do. Meanwhile, traditional escape rooms have become increasingly popular in recent years, but they lack the flexibility and endless possibilities that virtual reality technology allows.

Ultimately, we believe our unique value proposition sets us apart in the market, and our focus on delivering an immersive virtual reality experience will drive customer loyalty and growth potential.

Founding team

We have assembled a team of experienced entrepreneurs and technical experts who are passionate about bringing top-notch immersive gaming experiences to people around the world. Our team has a track record of success in the entertainment industry, ranging from marketing to software design and game development. We have tapped into our diverse backgrounds to create a unique and innovative gaming experience through VR Escape Rooms.

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John Doe , our CEO, holds a degree in business administration from Harvard University and has co-founded two successful companies in the past. He is a seasoned entrepreneur with experience in product development, sales and marketing. He has successfully led teams to deliver innovative products to market and will apply his skills to oversee the growth and scale of our VR escape rooms.

Jane Smith , our CTO, brings a wealth of software engineering and game development experience to the team, with a Masters in Computer Science from Stanford University. She has a proven track record of delivering high quality software on time, with experience in games, VR development and computer graphics. She also has a passion for creating unique and memorable gaming experiences, which makes her a valuable asset to our team.

Mark Johnson , our COO, has over 10 years experience in the entertainment industry, with previous roles at Disney and Universal Studios. He has led teams in the development of successful immersive experiences in theme parks and attractions. He is responsible for the operational aspects of the business, from developing and managing partnerships to delivering a seamless gaming experience to customers.

As a team, we are driven by a passion for creating unforgettable gaming experiences and a strong desire to disrupt the traditional escape room industry. Our goal is to provide people with unique and immersive gaming experiences that exceed anything they could imagine. We believe VR technology is the future of gaming and will revolutionize the way people think about and experience entertainment.

Our team has a diverse range of skills and experience. We have a great mix of technical expertise and business acumen. However, we recognize the importance of ensuring that we have all the skills necessary to make our VR escape room a huge success. We have partnered with external experts in various fields, including gaming, VR technology and equipment vendors, to cover areas where we may lack expertise.

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We believe we are the right people for the challenge as we have a proven track record of building successful businesses across different industries. We have the skills and experience to bring the innovation and vision our customers need to the VR escape room industry. We work well together as a team and are committed to providing the best possible gaming experience for our customers.


At VR Escape Room Business, we have made significant progress and achieved several milestones that demonstrate our potential for success:

  • We have successfully developed and tested several virtual reality escape room games. Our games have received positive feedback and high ratings from customers.
  • We have received interest from corporate clients for team building events. This interest has led to partnerships with several companies who have reserved our virtual reality escape rooms for their employees.
  • We have established partnerships with virtual reality equipment suppliers. These partnerships ensure that we have access to the latest and most advanced virtual reality technology required for our escape rooms.

Our traction shows that we are progressing and moving in the right direction. We see that our previous assumptions have proven true and that we are getting closer to a product market adjustment. Additionally, our customers love our product as demonstrated by the high ratings and reviews we have received.

Moreover, there is massive growth in the market. The virtual reality market is expected to reach .7 billion by 2024. This presents a huge opportunity for the VR Escape Room business to expand its customer base and grow revenue.

We’ve identified critical drivers of growth, including customer acquisition cost, churn, and customer lifetime value. We continually monitor these metrics to ensure we are on track to achieve our business goals.

Overall, our traction slide provides evidence to investors that VR Escape Room Business is capable of executing and is moving in the right direction. By investing in our company, investors can take the opportunity to join us on this exciting journey and reap the rewards of our success.


Our VR Escape Room business is seeking million in seed funding to accelerate product development, equipment acquisition, marketing and team expansion. With this investment, we will be able to release a beta version of our product and reach the next level of our growth.

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Funds will be allocated as follows:

  • Product development: 40% of the funds will be used to create new game experiences and a user-friendly platform where users can choose their escape rooms and customize their difficulty levels.
  • Equipment acquisition: 30% of the funds will be invested in the purchase of high-quality virtual reality equipment to ensure that customers have an immersive and enjoyable experience.
  • Marketing: 20% of funds will go towards promoting our VR Escape Rooms through social media, influencer marketing and traditional advertising channels. We will also develop partnerships with Travel and Tourism websites to reach a wider audience.
  • Team Expansion: 10% of funds will be used to hire additional staff members to ensure we have the right resources to scale our business.

With this investment, we expect to achieve the following milestones:

  • Complete the development of all escape games currently in progress
  • Launch and promote our beta version to selected enterprise customers and VR game enthusiasts
  • Receive and integrate user feedback and make necessary adjustments to the platform to improve user experience
  • Secure reservations for events and team buildings with our corporate clients
  • Keep innovating by introducing new gaming experiences and adding new features to the platform

Our VR Escape Room activity offers a unique and innovative gaming experience using state-of-the-art Virtual Reality technology to deliver an immersive experience for escape room enthusiasts. We have a strong team with a track record of success and are confident that our product and business model will succeed. We believe that with the right funding, we can grow our business and take our adventure gaming experience to a whole new level.