Why use ESCadrille?

Escadrille , what a funny name isn’t it?

You might mistake our real identity and think that we are a group of planes or a remake of the air force.

Nay, ESCadrille Toulouse Junior Conseil is in fact a family of Junior-Entrepreneurs who will be totally devoted to your project. Here are some good reasons to work with us:

Promote the development of skills of committed students

ESCadrille is not just a name, it is an entity whose mission is to improve the skills of students by offering them studies with added educational value . Thus, the latter can put into practice the knowledge acquired in their school course for the benefit of our Junior-Enterprise, and ultimately carry out consulting studies (market study, business plan, etc.).

Here are our 4 favorite areas:

  • CSR
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Communication

As a result, our members, as well as our stakeholders, develop expertise that is highly sought after on the job market . Calling on a Junior-Enterprise means maintaining a successful model of the transition between education and the professional world. De facto, it is also a way to get closer to committed young people to meet your needs .

Benefit from proven quality

Within ESCadrille Toulouse Junior Conseil , we take care to place quality at the heart of our studies. Indeed, you will be accompanied by a Project Manager entirely dedicated to the follow-up of our speaker throughout your study. He will also be responsible for ensuring a regular link with you.

But that’s not all since our seriousness is rewarded by 3 essential elements:

  • Our Junior-Enterprise status is checked each year by an audit by the National Confederation of Junior-Enterprises.
  • Obtaining the ISO 9001 standard issued by AFNOR for the 11th consecutive year (0 non-compliance).
  • The first (and only) JE to obtain the ISO 26000 standard from AFNOR.
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Why use ESCadrille?
Our iconic military jacket .

Have support at the forefront of innovation

As you know, we live in a constantly changing world. However, staying in the race is not an easy task because innovations are constantly appearing.

We, Junior-Entrepreneurs and Students, are in an environment that knows how to adapt to changes and developments . Our lessons are at the forefront of the expectations of the different markets (work, industry, marketing, etc.).

Thus, you will have recommendations consistent with market trends , especially since we carry out strategic monitoring on various sectors or new themes (Web 3.0, Artificial Intelligence, etc.).

Inter-Junior-Enterprise cooperation

There are different Juniors in the movement. The antagonisms are found at the level of form (Junior-Enterprise, Junior-Initiative and Junior-Creation). But also and above all by the service offered.

Indeed, each Junior is attached to a higher education establishment such as TBS Education for ESCadrille . We therefore offer commercial services. On the other hand, there are also Junior engineers , university or even more atypical .

This subtlety is no small detail because we rely on a network of more than 25,000 Junior Entrepreneurs to collaborate on assignments. It is then that we work with JE engineers on two-fold studies. We outsource the phases that are not our area of expertise to guarantee optimum quality and ease of use for our customers.

Benefit from the flexibility of our members

At Escadrille , we want to acquire new skills, to pass them on but above all to put them to good use in our studies. In fact, our working hours are flexible, which allows us to guarantee flawless responsiveness.

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In addition, our school gives our members the opportunity to follow a privileged course to maximize our academic and entrepreneurial work. This course: “Young active and passionate”, allows the administrators of our Junior-Enterprise to devote more time to your projects.

Why use ESCadrille?

Attractive prices in an expensive market

Junior-Enterprises have a specific derogatory status, in particular they have lower social security contributions and reduced operating costs. In fact, we are able to offer attractive and above all personalized pricing according to your needs.

Work with the most successful Junior-Enterprise in Europe

The experience of Junior-Entrepreneurs is lived through different prizes, they can be national or international. ESCadrille Toulouse Junior Conseil is often rewarded for its expertise and the quality of its work by:

Junior Enterprise Europe :

  • The Junior-Enterprise of The Year in 2022 (we are finalists for the 2023 edition, which is still ongoing)
  • The Most Sustainable Junior-Enterprise of The Year in 2021 (also a finalist in the 2023 edition)

National Confederation of Junior Enterprises :

  • Best Commercial Approach in 2022 (EY award)
  • Best Consulting Firm in 2022 (EY award)
  • The Best Communication Strategy in 2021 (Saint-Gobain award)
  • Excellence Award in 2011, 2015 and 2023.

And much more…

Escadrille is therefore a beautiful universe that is waiting for you

Our team will be happy to accompany your project to make it prosper.