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The agricultural industry is under constant pressure to meet the growing demand for fresh produce while reducing the environmental impact of farming practices. Traditional farming methods are inefficient, requiring large amounts of water, land, and fertilizers, resulting in low crop yields and high production costs. Additionally, reliance on pesticides and herbicides has led to environmental damage and health risks to consumers.

Meet Bob, a young chef who recently started his own restaurant. Bob is passionate about using locally sourced organic produce in his dishes. However, he finds it difficult to find high-quality microgreens that meet his standards. Current suppliers lack consistency in product quality, are too remote to be profitable, or use harmful farming methods. Bob needs a reliable, affordable, and sustainable source of microgreens to meet his business needs.

The relevance of the issue is evident in the growing demand for sustainable farming methods and locally sourced products. Consumers are increasingly aware of their food choices and are willing to pay a premium for high quality, environmentally friendly products. Microgreens, which are nutrient-dense, flavorful and versatile, have gained popularity in the culinary world, making them a lucrative market segment for farmers and suppliers.

The current solution to Bob’s problem is to compromise on quality, pay high prices for locally sourced microgreens, or resort to importing from other regions or countries. Not all of these options are sustainable in the long term, as they do not guarantee product consistency, affordability, or environmental sustainability.

The problem exists due to the limitations of traditional farming methods, which are not designed to meet the specific requirements of high-value crops like microgreens. The lack of viable alternatives to chemical fertilizers and pesticides, limited access to technology and inadequate knowledge of sustainable agricultural practices are some of the factors contributing to the problem.

Solution / value proposition

MicroGreens Farming Business offers a one-stop solution for urban consumers who demand easy access to fresh, organic foods. Our indoor vertical farm produces a diverse variety of microgreens, herbs and baby vegetables in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.

We have identified that the traditional process of bringing farm-to-table fresh produce is complex and inefficient, with its fair share of issues such as transportation, storage and shelf life. Our solution is to develop fresh, local products in a controlled environment, free of any pesticides or contaminants, and deliver them directly to customers. Our farming process uses 95% less water and eliminates the need for harmful chemicals, delivering fresh, nutritious produce in an efficient and environmentally friendly way.

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Our microgreens are harvested within two weeks of sowing, ensuring maximum freshness and nutritional value. We grow a range of micro greens such as broccoli, kale, arugula and others that are rich in vitamins and minerals. Our customers can benefit from our products in different forms such as mixed boxes, sachets and custom mixes. Our packaging is biodegradable and we offer weekly subscriptions to ensure a hassle-free and seamless experience for our customers.

We aim to change the way people approach fresh produce, and our indoor farming solution offers a sustainable and convenient alternative to traditional farming methods.

If you managed to work your way through the first slides of your pitch deck, you and the investors should have agreed that there is a huge problem that you are ready to solve. It’s a good start! Now is the time to show how you solve this problem.

Our solution addresses the problem of inefficiency and environmental degradation in traditional farming methods. By growing microgreens indoors in a controlled environment, we can eliminate the need for pesticides, harmful chemicals, and transportation. Our microgreens are sustainably grown and are 100% organic, free of all contaminants, ensuring superior nutritional value and freshness.

Is the solution so good that the customer will do anything to get it?

Yes! Our solution provides customers with easy access to fresh, nutritious produce without any transportation, storage or quality issues. Our customers not only care about the environment, but also about their health and the health of their families. Therefore, our solution aligns with their values and offers them an efficient and convenient way to eat healthy without any compromise on quality.

How will the customer feel after using the solution?

Our customers will feel satisfied with their purchase as they will have access to fresh, nutritious produce delivered right to their doorstep. They can trust our products to be free of any harmful chemicals, contaminants or pesticides, ensuring premium quality and superior nutritional value.

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Is the solution amazing?

Yes, our solution is amazing because it offers a unique and sustainable alternative to traditional farming methods. By growing microgreens indoors, we can provide customers with easy access to fresh, nutritious produce without any compromise in quality, eco-friendliness or convenience.

Our innovative farming technique and sustainable approach deliver a distinctive value proposition to our clients, making us an ideal investment opportunity for investors who care about the environment, their health and believe in sustainable living.

Market validation

Microgreens are becoming increasingly popular among health-conscious consumers around the world. The global microgreens market is expected to grow at a CAGR of over 7% from 2021 to 2026, with North America being the largest market segment. The total addressable market size for microgreens is expected to reach .5 billion by 2026 (source: Markets and Markets ).

According to our market research, the average revenue per customer for microgreens is around per week. Sales cycles for microgreens are relatively short, with customers making purchases weekly or bi-weekly. Our addressed market includes health enthusiasts, foodies, chefs and people who prefer locally sourced and organic products.

We think starting a microgreen farming business is a great idea due to the growing demand for healthy, local food. Consumers are increasingly aware of the health benefits of microgreens, and the trend towards sustainability and convenience is on the rise. We anticipate that the demand for microgreens will continue to grow in the coming years, making this an ideal time to enter the market.

The microgreens market is growing rapidly, with a CAGR of over 7%, driven by several factors such as the growing demand for organic and locally sourced food, growing health consciousness and the shift towards sustainable practices and environmentally friendly. Covid-19 has also led to increased consumer interest in growing their food, further increasing demand for microgreens.

Customers are willing to pay a premium for high-quality, locally sourced, organic microgreens. Our market research shows that customers are willing to pay up to an ounce, which is significantly higher than the average retail price for conventional vegetables. Our value proposition of providing fresh, organic, locally sourced microgreens at competitive prices, highlights our potential to capture significant market share.

business model

Our agricultural microgreens business operates on a direct-to-consumer model, selling our fresh, locally grown microgreens to customers on a subscription-based service. We have also partnered with local restaurants and grocers to supply them with our microgreens and offer our farm produce to a wider market.

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Our revenue is generated from the sale of our microgreens, sold by the ounce or pre-packaged, to our subscribers and wholesale partners. We charge a monthly subscription fee, which includes weekly or bi-weekly delivery of our organic microgreens.

The amount of revenue we generate depends on the number of subscribers and wholesale partners we have. As our business grows, we plan to expand our services and the variety of microgreens we offer to increase our earning potential. In the first year, we projected a turnover of $x.

Our microgreens are grown using sustainable, hydroponic farming techniques, ensuring a year-round supply of pesticide-free produce. Our products are in high demand, especially among health-conscious consumers and restaurants who value local and organic produce.

We also plan to generate additional income by providing educational tours and workshops for students, aspiring farmers and the local community, hydroponics, sustainable agriculture and healthy eating habits. These workshops and tours will be offered for a fee and will serve as an additional source of revenue.

  • Revenue Generation: Bulk and bulk subscription-based model, selling microgreens by the ounce or pre-packaged.
  • Total Revenue Amount: Expecting $X revenue in the first year.
  • Income Generating Products: Hydroponically grown, sustainable, organic microgreens with potential for additional income through tours and educational workshops.


Our microgreen farming businesses face competition from a variety of sources, including other hydroponic farms, traditional outdoor farms, and grocery stores that sell prepackaged microgreens.

Many hydroponic farms claim to focus on sustainability and the use of organic soils, which appeals to environmentally conscious customers. However, some lack consistent quality control and are unable to produce year-round. On the other hand, traditional outdoor farms cannot compete with our year-round production, but offer the advantage of being able to grow and sell larger quantities.

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Grocery stores that sell pre-packaged microgreens often do not provide the same level of freshness, variety, or quality that we provide with our unique custom blends. Plus, our hydroponic growing process is pesticide-free and thrives on less water usage.

What makes our microgreens farm business unique and better than our competitors is our focus on producing custom microgreens blends that meet individual preferences, our year-round production, and our farming methods. hydroponic growth that save water and use no pesticides. Our quality control ensures a consistent, high quality product every time.

Our unique selling points include the ability to produce microgreens virtually year-round, thanks to our climate-controlled facility. As an added service, we provide custom blends of microgreens for our customers, which sets us apart from our competitors who mainly offer single variety options. We are focused on providing the freshest and tastiest greens to our customers. We also offer delivery services, which makes it more convenient for customers to access our products.

We have serious competition from a few hydroponic farms who may rival us for the variety of products they offer, but our quality and sustainability-focused approach makes us part of a reliable choice for discerning consumers.

Our customers have expressed satisfaction with our innovative approach to producing and delivering high quality microgreens, which keeps us ahead of our competition. We understand that our success depends on staying ahead of our competition, and we are constantly improving our methods and exploring new means of production. Our USPS ensures that we are positioned to serve our customers best and gain greater market share.

Our USPs include:

  • Custom microgreen varieties and blends
  • Year-round production in our climate-controlled facility
  • Hydroponic growing methods that provide fresh, pesticide-free produce with water conservation
  • Convenient delivery services

We face competition from prepackaged microgreens at local grocery stores and traditional outdoor farms for volume discounts. However, we are confident that our unique selling points and high quality products will keep our customers coming back, choosing to support locally sourced and sustainably sourced products.

Founding team

Our founding MicroGreens Farming Business team includes experts in various areas of the agriculture industry. Each of us has a proven track record of success in our past endeavours, making us the perfect choice to take on the challenge of starting a successful agribusiness.

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[Name][Name][Name][Name][Name][Name] has extensive experience in finance and business, having worked for several management consulting firms. They have experience in financial planning, forecasting and fundraising. Their expertise has been essential in preparing our financial projections and fundraising strategies.

Collectively, our team brings extensive experience in farming, finance and managing micro-green farm businesses.

Purpose: Our team’s main goal is to provide a sustainable solution to produce fresh and nutritious produce all year round using environmentally friendly methods. We strive to have a positive impact on local food systems by providing an alternative to imported products and environmental impact. We are passionate about clean food, sustainable living and innovative farming techniques, which we believe can revolutionize the way we produce food.

Skills: The vast experience and expertise of our team enables us to meet the challenges that arise effectively. However, given the dynamic nature of the farming industry and the constant changes in the marketplace, we continue to educate ourselves on the latest developments in order to provide the most innovative practices to our farming methods.

Right team for the challenge: We are the right people for the challenge of starting an agribusiness because of our experience, expertise and shared passion. Our team is committed to producing the highest quality microgreens using sustainable methods. This passion fuels our drive to succeed, and we believe our team is the perfect group to take on the challenge of creating a successful agribusiness.


The microgreen farming business has achieved significant traction in the market, indicating a bright future for the business. The following milestones demonstrate that the company is heading in the right direction and has the potential to grow exponentially.

  • Customer buying: The company has seen a steady increase in new customers each month, showing the effectiveness of its marketing strategies. The number of customers has increased by 30% in the last three months.
  • Product Market Fit: The company has found a product market fit, and customer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. The company has received a consistent 4.5 star rating (out of 5) on Yelp, Google Reviews, and other online review platforms.
  • Revenue: Revenue increases steadily as the business expands its customer base. The company has seen a 25% increase in revenue over the past six months.
  • Repeat customers: The company has created a loyal customer base, with 40% of customers placing orders more than once. This demonstrates the quality of products, customer service and brand loyalty.
  • Operational efficiency: The company has streamlined its operational processes, improving efficiency and reducing costs. The time it takes to produce and package microgreens has decreased by 15% over the past three months.
  • Partnerships: The company has partnered with local restaurants and grocery stores, providing a new sales channel for the business. This has led to a 20% increase in orders over the past three months.
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These milestones demonstrate that the microgreen farming business is on track to achieve its business goals. The company focuses on customer satisfaction and operational efficiency, which are key drivers for industry growth. With these measures, the company can continue to grow and dominate the market.

Fund raising

MicroGreens Farming Business is seeking million in funding to complete development of our product and release beta. We have identified a significant market opportunity, and our innovative agricultural technology will provide sustainable and organic microgreens to meet the demand for healthy food options.

The funds will be used to fund the following:

  • Product development: 0,000
  • Marketing and Branding: 0,000
  • Hiring of key personnel: 0,000
  • Equipment and supplies: 0,000

With the funds, we will achieve our milestones and goals, including:

  • Release our beta version and test it in the market.
  • Develop relationships with key suppliers and secure long-term contracts.
  • Ramping up our marketing efforts to drive customer awareness and demand.
  • Launch of our complete product offer on the market.

We believe this round of financing is essential to meet our target milestones and achieve significant growth in our business. Our team has a track record of delivering results, and we are excited to bring our innovative technology to market and positively impact the food industry.

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