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Imagine waking up in the morning, getting ready for work, and realizing you forgot to order bottled water for the office. You head to the grocery store, picking up cases of heavy, bulky water bottles and bringing them back to the office. Not only is it a problem, but it wastes precious time and energy. This is just one example of the many problems companies face when trying to get drinking water.

In fact, many businesses struggle to find the right water delivery service that meets their needs. Some businesses rely on tap water , which can be of poor quality and unpleasant. Others face the hassle of finding a reliable water supplier or paying high prices for unaffordable water delivery options. Not to mention, filling water coolers can be a messy and time-consuming process. These issues can lead to poor employee productivity, an unpleasant work environment, and increased costs for the business.

Unfortunately, there is no streamlined process or one-size-fits-all platform that helps businesses easily find and compare water delivery services. Water delivery services are often outdated, rely on manual processes and lack transparency. This can lead to inefficiencies and increased costs for businesses that already have their hands full of day-to-day operations.

Overall, the problem of finding reliable and cost-effective water delivery services is becoming increasingly relevant for many businesses. As awareness grows around the importance of drinking clean water, companies are recognizing their role in providing healthy drinking water solutions.

Solution / value proposition

The water delivery service responds to the need for fast and efficient delivery of drinking water in urban areas where tap water is not always suitable for drinking. Our solution uses a fleet of eco-friendly vans that deliver packaged drinking water to homes and offices in reusable, eco-friendly bottles.

The solution is simple, practical and profitable. Customers can subscribe to our services with just a few clicks on our website, and we offer flexible subscription plans to meet their individual needs. The water delivery service saves customers time and effort by providing regular deliveries, so they never have to worry about running out of clean water.

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We focus on customer satisfaction and convenience. To this end, we have developed a mobile application that allows customers to track their deliveries in real time and adjust their subscriptions as needed. The app also provides access to a maintenance team that can handle all related issues, such as bottle cleaning and maintenance.

Using our solution means that customers no longer need to carry heavy water bottles from the store or deal with the hassle of refilling them. They can enjoy clean and refreshing water directly from our water delivery service, saving time and effort.

We are committed to sustainability, and that’s why we only use eco-friendly packaging, drastically reducing plastic waste. Our customers share our values and appreciate our efforts, which translates into loyal customers.

We are confident that our solution will revolutionize the water delivery market and provide customers with peace of mind when it comes to their drinking water supply. Our service is so good that customers will never want to go back to traditional ways of getting drinking water.

Market validation

To validate our hypothesis on the potential success of the water delivery service, we conducted extensive market research and analyzed the global water market. Water is a precious commodity necessary for life and always in demand. Given this reason, we can confidently say that the TAM (Total Addressable Market) for water delivery service is massive and the potential for growth is enormous.

In the United States, water delivery service providers generate an estimated billion in revenue annually. We expect to achieve a 1% market share, which equates to a TAM of approximately 0 million. Additionally, there are many untapped regions in the world where water delivery services are limited, and therefore, there is huge scope for expansion.

Our addressable market is large and consists of both residential and business customers. The market is very fragmented, most of the players address themselves locally. Our research indicates that a majority of consumers prefer bottled water over tap water, and due to convenience factors, they prefer to have it delivered. We target customers who value convenience and quality over price, and focus on providing premium service.

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Starting a water delivery service is a good idea because, as mentioned, water is an always-in-demand commodity that is essential to life. Additionally, the market is highly fragmented with most players catering locally, and there is huge scope for growth with the opportunity to expand into untapped regions. The Covid-19 pandemic has also highlighted the importance of home delivery and contactless delivery, and it is expected to increase further.

The water delivery market is growing globally and is expected to reach 8.6 billion by 2025. Growing awareness of the importance of hydration, increasing health issues and Increasing environmental problems are some of the growth stimulating factors. A recent report also indicates that the demand for home delivery of bottled and purified water is increasing exponentially.

Our research indicates that customers are willing to pay a premium for high quality water delivery service. The premium service option in the market is limited and customers are willing to pay for premium experience.

business model

Our water delivery service offers a subscription-based pricing model for businesses and households looking for regular water deliveries. We generate revenue through recurring subscription fees, with different price levels based on the frequency of deliveries and the quantity of water ordered.

A basic subscription plan includes weekly deliveries of 5 gallon water bottles, while premium plans offer daily deliveries of larger quantities. We also offer customization and additional customer services for corporate customers, such as branded bottles and direct-to-galley chillers, which generate additional revenue streams.

Our total revenue is expected to be .5 million in the first year of operation, with a gross margin of 60%. We estimate that the average monthly subscription fee per customer will be , with an additional per customer for customization and enterprise services.

Our delivery process is optimized for efficiency and cost-effectiveness. We use a fleet of electric vehicles to reduce carbon emissions and lower operating costs. We also use smart routing algorithms to ensure the most efficient use of our drivers’ time and avoid unnecessary fuel consumption.

Our business strategy focuses on building strong customer relationships through excellent service and personalization. We plan to expand our services to additional territories and add new products, such as flavored water options and reusable bottles, to increase our revenue streams in the future.

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Overall, our subscription-based model, profitable operations, and focus on customer satisfaction make our water delivery service a promising investment opportunity. Our planned revenue and expansion plans demonstrate our confidence in our business model and our ability to generate sustainable growth and success.


In the water delivery services market, we face competition from various players who cater to different customer segments. Our competitors include national and local brands, each offering their unique value proposition to customers.

Main competitors: Our main competitors include X water , Y water , and Z.

  • X Water: They are a national brand with a strong presence in the market. They offer different water delivery options including purified water, mineral water, and alkaline water. They serve residential and commercial customers.
  • Y Eau: They are a local brand with a loyal following. They provide high quality purified water at competitive prices. They also offer custom delivery options to customers.
  • Z Water: They are a regional brand that specializes in delivering alkaline water to customers. They claim to have the highest alkaline water pH on the market, which appeals to customers with specific health concerns.

Although our competitors have their strengths, we believe we have a compelling value proposition that sets us apart.

We are better because:

  • Our focus on sustainability sets us apart from our competitors. We have a refill and recycle policy that helps reduce plastic waste and minimize carbon footprint.
  • We offer premium quality water by sourcing our water from natural springs that undergo a rigorous filtration process.
  • We provide a user-friendly online platform that streamlines the ordering process and allows customers to track their orders in real time.
  • Our flexible delivery options meet the different needs of our customers, such as regular delivery, on-demand delivery and emergency delivery.

Our Unique Selling Propositions (USPS) are:

  • We are the only company on the market that focuses on sustainability.
  • Our premium water sets us apart from other brands that use tap water.
  • Our online platform provides an easy and convenient ordering process for customers, reducing the need for manual processing.
  • Our flexible delivery options cater to different customer needs, driving customer satisfaction and loyalty.
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Our competitors are stealing from our customers:

Competitors in the water delivery service market try to steal our customers by offering lower prices, personalized delivery options and promotional offers. To counter this, we focus on providing high quality water, convenient ordering and delivery options, and sustainable practices. We are also continuously improving our platform and improving our quality of service to retain customer loyalty.

Founding team

At the Water Delivery Service, our main objective is to provide clean and safe drinking water to households and businesses in urban areas. Our team consists of diverse professionals, each with specialized skills and experiences relevant to the success of the business. We are confident in our team’s ability to make the water delivery service a huge success.

John Doe , the company’s CEO, holds a bachelor’s degree in environmental science and a master’s degree in business administration. He has over ten years of experience in water resources management, having worked in various state agencies across the country. John’s passion for environmental conservation led him to create a water delivery service.

Jane Smith , the company’s CTO, has a bachelor’s degree in computer science and a master’s degree in management information systems. She has been working in software development for over ten years, specializing in the development of web applications for businesses. Jane’s expertise ensures that our platform will meet the highest industry standards and be accessible to our customers.

Mark Johnson , the company’s COO, holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration and a master’s degree in operations management. He has worked in the logistics and supply chain industry for over fifteen years, managing procurement and transportation services. Mark’s experience ensures our operations are efficient and our deliveries are timely and accurate.

Together our team has identified the challenge of inadequate access to clean and safe drinking water in urban areas and are passionate about finding a solution. We believe that our diverse backgrounds and expertise are essential to the success of the business.

We recognize that there are skills that may be currently lacking in our team. As such, we have developed a plan to close these gaps. We plan to hire a marketing specialist to manage customer acquisition and engagement. We will also partner with water treatment and purification companies to improve our service delivery.

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We are convinced that our team is the right group of people for the challenge. We once worked together on a community water supply project that served over 1,000 households in a rural area. Our collective experience gives us the confidence and skills we need to run this business successfully.


Our water delivery service has gained traction in the market. We have seen a substantial increase in sales over the past three months, with a 25% month-over-month growth rate.

Customer reviews have been overwhelmingly positive, with an average rating of 4.5/5 on our website and social media platforms. This indicates that our customers are satisfied with our service and are likely to recommend us to others. In fact, 50% of our new customers have been referred by existing customers.

We tracked metrics like customer acquisition cost and customer lifetime value to track our progress. Our customer acquisition cost has decreased by 20% over the past two months, indicating that our marketing efforts are becoming more effective. Our customer lifetime value has also increased 15% , suggesting our customers are coming back for repeat business.

In addition to our growing customer base, we have secured partnerships with several local businesses, including restaurants and hotels, who have agreed to use our service exclusively for their water needs. This has resulted in a significant increase in our monthly recurring revenue.

Our market research shows that there is a growing demand for sustainable and convenient water delivery options, especially with growing concerns over single-use plastics. Our service provides a solution to this problem by delivering fresh water in reusable glass bottles, eliminating the need for plastic packaging.

  • We are progressing well, with a steady increase in sales and partnerships.
  • Our previous assumptions prove true, as our customers are satisfied with our service and return for repeat business.
  • We are approaching a product market adjustment as our cost of customer acquisition has gone down and our partnerships show that our service is valued.
  • Customer reviews indicate that our customers love our product, and we have a growing base of brand advocates who refer others to us.
  • We have identified a massive growth opportunity in the market for sustainable and convenient water delivery options, supported by our market research.
  • We have established metrics to build on, including customer acquisition cost and customer lifetime value, that will help us optimize our operations and scale our business.
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Fund raising

We at Water Delivery Service are seeking seed funding of million to complete our product development and release a beta to market. Our product offers a unique solution to the traditional water delivery industry by providing an intuitive software platform that allows customers to easily order water deliveries from local suppliers, increasing efficiency and reduced costs for suppliers and customers.

The million seed funding will be allocated to key areas to accelerate our growth and achieve our milestones. These areas include:

  • Product Development: 0,000 will be spent to finalize product design and development, testing and quality assurance, and ensure the product is ready for launch.
  • Marketing: 0,000 will be allocated to raising awareness of our product, building our brand and attracting more customers in target markets.
  • Team expansion: 0,000 will be used to hire additional employees to manage operations, sales and customer support.
  • General and administrative expenses: 0,000 will be allocated to cover our general expenses, such as office rent, utilities and legal fees.

With this investment, we expect to achieve several key milestones, including:

  • Beta launch of our product in three major cities within six months of receiving funding
  • INBORDING 50 local water delivery providers in the first year of operation
  • Achieve .5 million in revenue within the first two years

Overall, this investment will allow us to bring our innovative water delivery solution to market and establish ourselves as a leader in the industry. We are excited about the opportunity to transform the way water delivery is done and provide long-term profitability to our investors.

Quenching Your Thirst for Funding: Water Delivery Pitch Deck

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