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Flory Studio faces a significant issue that affects the floral industry on a larger scale. The problem we are trying to tackle is the lack of a steady supply of high quality flowers.

Picture this: A bride spends months planning her wedding, hoping to create the perfect atmosphere for her special day. She chose the perfect theme, color scheme and location. However, when her florist delivers her bouquet and floral arrangements, she is disappointed to find flowers withered or completely dead. This scenario is not uncommon, as many florists struggle to consistently achieve high quality flowers.

The problem of a lack of high-quality flowers is relevant to many people, including florists, event planners, and consumers. With the rise of the flower industry, the demand for fresh and beautiful flowers has skyrocketed. However, there is a limited supply of high-quality flowers, leading to higher costs, lower profit margins and disappointed customers.

Currently, the solution to this problem is for florists to visit wholesalers and auctions to source their flowers. Unfortunately, the process can be time-consuming and expensive. In addition, there is always a risk of receiving unsuitable or dead flowers, which can compromise the reputation of the company.

The problem of a lack of high quality flowers exists for several reasons. First, the growing demand for fresh flowers has caused a strain on the supply chain, making it difficult to consistently obtain high-quality flowers. Additionally, the significant time and financial investment required in flower sourcing deters potential new entrants to the industry. Finally, the lack of transparency in the industry regarding flower sourcing and transportation has made it difficult to build trust in the supply chain.

Solution / value proposition

Flory Studio provides a unique solution to the problem of monotonous floral arrangements in the market. Our approach to floral design goes through the lens of creativity and innovation. We offer a range of options including bespoke arrangements for events, custom subscriptions for businesses and unique curated collections for individuals. Our design philosophy is to provide a meaningful and delightful experience for our customers through our vibrant and exceptional flower arrangements.

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Our team of experienced floral designers have an unrelenting commitment to quality and craftsmanship. We use high quality, locally sourced flowers, and constantly update our techniques in the design to stay relevant to current trends while staying true to our vision. Our unparalleled attention to detail and personalized service makes us the preferred florist in the area.

Our customers can expect a design style that aligns with their preferences and a memorable floral experience. The florist studio elevates events to their best potential, delivering authentic, bespoke floral designs. Our flower arrangements reflect our client’s individuality and help them express their feelings through the language of flowers.

  • Does our solution solve the problem addressed?

Yes, our solution addresses the issue of a lack of creativity in floral design, offering a unique and innovative approach that delivers an exceptional customer experience through the power of flowers.

  • Is our solution so good that the customer will do anything to get it?

Floristry Studio’s solution sets the standard in floral design, delivering exceptional value and unparalleled quality that makes it a must-have for customers looking for an elevated floral experience.

  • How will the customer feel after using the solution?

Our customers will feel satisfied and delighted with personalized flower arrangements that reflect their preferences and personality. Floristry Studio’s solution allows customers to celebrate life’s special moments with unique and meaningful flowers.

  • Is our solution amazing?

Our solution is exceptional and unmatched in the floral industry, and it distinguishes florils studio as a leader in innovation, quality and customer experience. Our solution is amazing!

Market validation

Our flower studio business aims to provide premium floral design services to individuals, corporations and events. Research shows that the floral design industry in the United States is worth .5 billion, and it is expected to grow 3.8% per year for the next five years. This indicates a vast Tam of potential clients who are looking for high quality floral services.

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One specific of our addressed market is revenue per customer, which varies depending on the service provided. For example, a client may need a lavish floral arrangement for their wedding, which could generate much higher revenue per client than arranging flowers weekly for corporate clients. Our services are priced accordingly to ensure cost effectiveness.

Starting a business in the floral design business is a viable idea as the growth trend in the industry proves that there is a demand for quality floral services. The industry is highly fragmented, with many customers dissatisfied with current options, creating a significant opportunity for a new player with a unique value proposition. Flory Studio aims to gain a competitive advantage in the market by providing personalized services that exceed customer expectations.

The market for florist services is growing, with more people looking for unique and personalized flower arrangements. Also, businesses are continually looking for floral services to enhance their environmental aesthetics, which has increased the demand for quality florist services.

Industry clients are willing to pay premium prices for unique and personalized floral services. An average wedding floral budget can range from ,500 to ,000, which shows the level of quality and creativity clients demand. Floral services provided to corporate clients generate higher revenue per client, making it a critical segment for our business.

business model

At Flory Studio, our business model is centered around providing high quality floral arrangements and gifts to our customers. We generate revenue through the sale of our products and services, which includes:

  • Personalized flower arrangements for events and occasions
  • Seasonal designs for holidays and celebrations
  • Gourmet gift baskets with premium products
  • Personalized messages and gift cards

Our pricing strategy is based on a cost-plus markup model. Markup provides markups ranging from 30% to 50% on the cost of our products, depending on the type and complexity of the layout. Our service fees are calculated based on the scope and scale of the project.

We also generate revenue from our corporate and B2B programs, which offer discounted rates for bulk purchases and ongoing contracts. Our corporate clients include hotels, restaurants, and event planners, among others.

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We expect our annual revenue to reach .5 million by the end of our third year of operation, with a net profit of 25%. This will be achieved by expanding our customer base and service offerings.

As we grow our business, we plan to introduce new products that complement our core offerings such as vase rentals, decorative pieces and unique accessories. These additional products will allow us to generate more revenue and provide our customers with a complete solution for their floral and gifting needs.

Our business model is complemented by our commitment to customer satisfaction, ensuring that every arrangement and gift is handmade with the highest quality of ingredients and presented in an elegant and beautiful manner. Our goal is to become the preferred florist for customers in our region and beyond, leveraging cutting-edge technology and design concepts to differentiate ourselves from our competitors.


Our main competitors in the florist market are XYZ Florist and ABC Flower Company. They offer similar services to us, including floral arrangements and delivery services. XYZ Florist has been in the market for over a decade and has built a loyal following. ABC Flower Company offers a wide range of flowers and has an impressive online presence.

Although our competitors are doing well in the market, we believe we can do things differently and better. Our unique selling point is our commitment to using locally sourced flowers and supporting small flower growers. This allows us to provide our customers with fresh, high quality flowers and also contributes to our mission of promoting sustainable and ethical practices.

Another advantage we have over our competitors is our personalized service. We take the time to understand the specific needs and preferences of our clients and create bespoke floral arrangements that reflect their individual style and taste.

We also differentiate ourselves through our pricing strategy. We offer competitive prices that are transparent and easy to understand. Unlike our competitors, we have no hidden fees or complicated pricing structures, which can be confusing for customers.

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We believe our unique selling points and focus on customer satisfaction will set us apart from our competitors in the market. However, we recognize that competition in the florist industry is fierce and that we must constantly innovate and improve our services to remain relevant in the market.

When it comes to who is stealing from our customers, research shows that customers often go to our competitors because of their established reputation and brand recognition. Therefore, we plan to establish our brand identity through consistent branding and marketing efforts to create brand recognition and loyalty among our target market.

Founding team

Our founding team includes highly experienced professionals in the florist industry who are committed to making our venture a huge success. With a combined experience of over 30 years, we have a deep understanding of the florist market and the skills necessary to provide exceptional services to our clients.

John Smith , CEO and Co-Founder, holds a bachelor’s degree in horticulture from Cornell University and has over 15 years of experience in the florist industry. Prior to starting our florist studio, John worked as the head florist for a leading floral design company, where he honed his skills creating unique floral arrangements that exceeded client expectations.

Jane Doe , COO and Co-Founder, holds an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business and has over 10 years of experience in strategy development, operations management and project management. Jane has worked with several startups in the past, where she successfully led teams to deliver innovative solutions in highly competitive industries.

Mark Johnson , CMO and Co-Founder, has over 8 years of marketing and branding experience. He holds a bachelor’s degree in marketing from the University of California at Berkeley. Mark has worked with several Fortune 500 companies and developed successful marketing campaigns that have led to increased sales and brand awareness.

Our founding team has a shared passion for creating bespoke floral designs that evoke emotions and tell stories in a unique way. We are driven by a strong goal to become the go-to florist for individuals and businesses looking for stunning floral arrangements and exceptional customer service.

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We have identified areas where we lack skills and have filled these gaps by hiring qualified employees who bring value to our team. Our team is committed to continuous learning and improvement to ensure we provide top-notch services to our clients.

We firmly believe that we are the right people for the challenge. With our combined experience and expertise, we are confident that our florist studio will become a leading florist company in the market. Our team is committed to bringing value to our customers and creating a positive impact in the florist industry.


Our company has made significant progress in achieving our goals and objectives. We have established ourselves as a reputable florist in the local community, having gained a loyal clientele. Our traction can be measured through the following milestones:

  • We have seen a steady increase in our monthly revenue, with an average growth rate of 15% per month over the past six months. This growth demonstrates the growing popularity of our business, as well as the demand for our services.
  • We have achieved a 95% customer satisfaction rating as evidenced by the feedback we have received through various customer survey channels. This positive feedback validates our commitment to quality and customer service.
  • Our social media following has grown to over 10,000 followers across all platforms. This growth demonstrates the significant interest in our brand and our ability to attract new customers through social media marketing efforts.
  • We have established strategic partnerships with local event planners, wedding venues and event spaces. These collaborations have resulted in increased business opportunities and expanded our customer base.
  • We have expanded our product offerings to include curated gift boxes, which have generated a 20% increase in revenue since being introduced to our business.

Our traction metrics highlight our progress toward achieving product market fit and our ability to successfully execute our business plan. As we continue to grow, we plan to focus on expanding our product offerings, optimizing our customer acquisition strategies, and strengthening our partnerships with key industry stakeholders.

Fund raising

Floristry Studio is seeking million in seed funding to complete our product development and release a beta version. Our investment opportunity offers potential investors the opportunity to be part of an innovative and exciting new platform in the florist industry. We have a unique vision for connecting florists with customers, and with your investment, we can turn that vision into reality.

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The million funding will be used for:

  • Product Development (50%) – We will invest a significant portion of funding into improving our platform and building new features, making it easier for customers to connect with local florists.
  • Marketing (30%) – We know that marketing is essential for the growth of any new business, and we plan to invest 30% of the funding in marketing efforts, including online advertising and building partnerships with florists and other industry players.
  • New hires (20%) – To support our growing operations, we need talent and we plan to invest 20% of funding into hiring qualified and experienced people who can take our business to the next level.

With the million funding, Floristry Studio will achieve the following milestones:

  • Release a beta version of our platform, allowing us to test our product and receive feedback from customers and florists.
  • Onboard a significant number of new florists to our platform, expanding our reach and giving customers a wide range of options to suit their specific needs and budget.
  • Continue to develop and improve our platform, adding new features to improve user experience and drive revenue growth.

We believe Flory Studio is well positioned to succeed in the market, and we’re excited about the opportunity to take the business to the next level with the help of our investors.

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