Optimize your savings: the question of the two Livret A accounts in a couple

In the world of savings, the Livret A is undoubtedly one of the most popular investments in France. This regulated savings account offers great accessibility, immediate liquidity and advantageous taxation. However, a question often arises among couples wishing to optimize their savings: is it possible to hold two Livret A accounts? In this article, we will explore this issue

Before answering this question, let’s take a quick overview of the main characteristics of Livret A:

The answer to this question is simple: yes, it is entirely possible for a couple to have two Livret A books . Indeed, French legislation provides that each individual can hold a Livret A. Consequently, if each member of the couple has opened their own Livret A, they can combine their payment ceilings and thus save up to €45,900 (22 €950 x 2) on these accounts.

It is essential to respect the rule of “one Livret A per person” because having several Livrets A in the name of the same holder is strictly prohibited by law. Banking establishments are required to check this condition when opening an account, but errors can still happen. If you involuntarily hold several Livret A accounts, it is necessary to quickly regularize your situation by closing the excess accounts.

If the accumulation of the two Livret A accounts makes it possible to increase the couple’s payment ceiling, it should be noted that the remuneration rate of 0.5% remains relatively low. To optimize their savings, couples can therefore turn to other solutions:

To optimize your savings while taking into account your objectives and your personal situation, do not hesitate to consult a wealth management advisor. This professional will be able to assist you in selecting investments suited to your needs and help you develop an effective long-term savings strategy.

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In conclusion, it is entirely possible for a couple to have two Livret A accounts, since each person can hold an account of this type. This allows you to benefit from a cumulative payment ceiling of €45,900, but the remuneration rate remains low. To optimize their savings, couples can turn to alternatives such as LDDS, unregulated savings accounts or life insurance. A wealth management advisor can help them choose the best strategy based on their objectives and situation.