Maximizing Your Profits: Proven Strategies for Hungry Howie Franchise Success


Do you want to maximize the sales and profits of your Hungry Howie’s Pizza & Subs franchise? Then you’ve come to the right place. As the pizzeria market continues to grow, there are many opportunities to increase your sales and profitability. With consumers demanding more from pizza franchises, optimizing operations for success is an important tool in your franchise’s arsenal.

The latest statistics revealed that pizza franchises grew by 10% over the previous year. The trend of 2020 suggested that pizza franchises are growing and people are more interested in eating at these places. It is essential for Hungry Howie’s Pizza & Subs franchisees to find the right strategies to increase sales and profits.

In this blog post, we will share proven strategies that would help you optimize your franchise operations. We will discuss how to maximize customer footfall, increase sales and ensure profitability.

Invest in marketing efforts to increase brand recognition

In the competitive world of fast food restaurants, it’s important for your Howie’s Pizza & Subs franchise to stand out and stand out to your potential customers. Investing in marketing efforts is a great strategy to increase brand recognition and, therefore, sales and profitability.

One of the most important first steps is to work on developing your brand personality and culture. This can be done by creating a precise and effective slogan and logo, as well as matching elements for your shop decor. Having a clear concept and image is beneficial for developing good quality marketing materials, including brochures and business cards.

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You should also maximize the use of social media. This is a powerful tool for easily reaching out and engaging with your target market. You can create promotional campaigns and conduct targeted advertising, as well as create articles to drive engagement and draw attention to your business.

For a longer-term marketing strategy, you can try reaching out to online influencers in your area. With the right influencer, you can benefit from their built-in following, which should help raise awareness for your Hungry Howie’s Pizza & Subs franchise.

Another way to build brand awareness is through traditional advertising methods. You can produce posters to decorate the walls of your shop, as well as flyers and coupons to distribute to potential customers. Using local newspapers and magazines can also be beneficial; Not only do you reach the people who read them, but the articles, photos, and reviews can get your store noticed.

Investing in marketing efforts requires an initial call to action. To calculate the amount of money you should invest in these efforts, it is important to consider the estimated profit your campaign is expected to bring. An example of calculating a potential cost benefit includes setting up the combined cost of materials, advertising, and labor, then subtracting it from the estimated revenue.

All of these strategies are effective in creating a more profitable business. By increasing the visibility and recognition of your Hungry Howie’s Pizza & Subs franchise, you will likely notice improvements in your sales numbers and profits.

Ensuring the highest quality ingredients to ensure optimal customer satisfaction

When it comes to the food industry, and especially with food franchises, achieving high quality results with ingredients is key to maximizing profit and customer satisfaction. As a Howie’s Pizza and Subs franchise, you know how important it is to ensure the highest quality of ingredients go into your products. That means making sure you have the best ingredients, the freshest vegetables, the highest quality cheese, and perfectly cooked meats. Taking the time to select premium ingredients and have them delivered to a local supplier (or even to the store itself) can help ensure optimum customer quality.

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Maintaining quality also means constantly re-evaluating your ingredient layout. This means looking at expiration dates, shelf life and delivery/preparation times to ensure the customer gets the freshest product possible. You also want to constantly evaluate the price of your ingredients to ensure that you are getting the best deals to pass on to the customer.

Doing regular quality checks can ensure optimal customer satisfaction, which in turn can help increase sales and profits. Higher customer satisfaction ratings can lead to more visits, more referrals, stronger loyalty and repeat customers and, in turn, increased sales. As an example, let’s say your Hungry Howie’s Pizza & Subs franchise increases customer satisfaction ratings by 10%, and you make per sale. This means that a 10% increase in customer satisfaction could lead to a 00 increase in profits.

By committing to high-quality ingredients, you can ensure the highest possible customer satisfaction with each of your delicious pizzas and subs. Taking the extra time and effort to check and select the best ingredients, double-check expiration dates, evaluate suppliers, and re-evaluate prices can all make a big difference in customer satisfaction. This could potentially lead to increased sales and profitability for your Hungry Howie’s Pizza and Subs franchise.

Make the ordering process as easy as possible

Making the ordering process smooth and simple is one of the best strategies for increasing sales and profitability for your Huncy Howie’s Pizza & Subs franchise. Customers will generally make their decision to order from your brand quickly and easily if the checkout process is hassle-free. If customers have to spend too much time trying to navigate the checkout process, there’s a strong possibility they’ll go to the competition.

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There are various techniques to make the ordering process at your Hungry Howie’s Pizza & Subs franchise as easy as possible. Make sure the ordering process is clearly explained and easy to find on your website or app. Avoid having a complex menu with too many options that can confuse customers. Providing upfront prices for each item can help customers understand how much each item will cost and make ordering easier. You can also offer pickup and delivery services so customers can get their food hassle-free.

Having a simple ordering process can increase the overall sales and profitability of your Hungry Howie’s Pizza & Subs franchise. By providing customers with an easy way to place their orders, you can maximize your sales volumes and revenue. As an example calculation, suppose you have 1000 orders in a month, with an average of per order. With a simple checkout process, you may be able to increase sales to 1200 orders at the same average order value. That means an additional ,000 in revenue.

Overall, making the ordering process easier and more efficient is an important strategy for increasing sales and profits for your Huncy Howie’s Pizza & Subs franchise. By providing customers with an easy and hassle-free ordering experience, you can convert more customers and maximize your sales.

Present personalized offers and discounts to attract repeat customers

Personalized offers and discounts are a great way to attract repeat customers, especially when Hungry Howie’s Pizza & Subs specializes in local markets. There are several strategies that could be used to increase sales and profits through such offers:

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1. Offer discounts based on customer loyalty

For example, loyalty programs in which customers receive discounts or bonus points for repeat visits to Hungry Howie can significantly increase profits. This type of program encourages customers to continue their patronage of Hungry Howie’s, which increases sales. Offering coupons for large orders or for food that has been ordered repeatedly by customers can also promote loyalty.

2. Offer discounts for referral customers

Another way to encourage returning customers is to offer discounts for referral customers. For example, when a new customer is referred by an existing Hungry Howie’s customer, the referrer should receive a discount or bonus point on their next order. This type of strategy encourages customers to bring their friends and family to Hungry Howie, thereby increasing profits.

3. Offer personalized discounts

Personalized discounts also allow Hungry Howie to target specific customers. If Hungry Howie’s knows that a particular customer regularly orders the same type of meal, they may offer them a discount on that meal if they order it again. This could lead to increased sales and profits if the customer decides to accept the offer.

4. Offer Seasonal Deals

Another way to increase sales and profits is to offer seasonal offers. For example, Hungry Howie’s might offer reduced prices on certain items during the summer months when demand for pizza and subs is higher. This type of strategy can lead to increased profits as customers take advantage of discounts and specials offered.

5. ROI calculation

Last but not least, it is important to calculate the return on investment (ROI) for each of these strategies. For example, if you offer a 10% discount for referral customers, you can calculate the increase in sales of this offer and the additional profit it generates. This allows you to determine if the strategy is worth investing in and make adjustments if necessary.

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By introducing personalized offers and discounts to attract repeat customers, Hungry Howie can significantly increase sales and profits. Through programs such as loyalty rewards, referral discounts, personalized offers and seasonal specials, Hungry Howie can build a loyal customer base and grow their business.


Hungry Howie’s Pizza & Subs is one of the most popular pizza franchises in the United States and offers several options to increase sales and profitability for its franchisees. By investing in marketing efforts, emphasizing high quality ingredients, optimizing the ordering process and providing personalized offers, Hungry Howie can easily maximize sales and profits.

Additionally, e-commerce platforms are a great way to expand business reach, while boosting referrals and word-of-mouth advertising can also prove beneficial. It is also important to ensure an engaging in-store experience and promote online ordering and delivery options to ensure successful business operations.

By incorporating these strategies into their operations, Hungry Howie’s Pizza & Subs franchisees can significantly increase sales and profits. All that remains is to focus on implementing the strategies with dedication and enthusiasm.