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Have you ever found yourself dealing with a broken fridge or washing machine and struggled to find a trustworthy and reliable technician to fix it? Meet Mrs. Johnson, a single mother with two young children who relies on her for everything, including cooking and laundry. One day, her fridge stopped working and she didn’t know what to do. She called several technicians, but they either didn’t respond or quote her a price too high for her to afford. She finally found someone who fixed it, but it took days and a lot of stress to do it.

This scenario is not unique to Ms. Johnson. Many people who own appliances, especially those who live alone or have little knowledge about repairs, find it difficult to find the right technician to repair their appliances when something goes wrong. The problem is that the current process is unreliable and inefficient, making it difficult for customers to trust repair technicians and get the job done quickly and affordably.

The relevance of this problem cannot be overstated. Almost every household has appliances that they rely on on a daily basis. People expect their devices to work seamlessly without any issues, and when these devices break down, people want them fixed as soon as possible to avoid any inconvenience. According to a report by Marketwatch , the global appliance repair and maintenance market is expected to reach .7 billion by 2025, indicating massive demand for reliable, efficient and affordable repair.

The current solution to this problem is to search for technicians by asking, browsing the web, or using directory services. However, this is usually a hit-and-run approach that often leads to frustration, delays and unsatisfactory results. Most repair technicians work independently, without any accountability or standardization, making it difficult for customers to know who to trust or what to expect. With the current process, Ms Johnson and others like her may end up with a fridge that is never fixed or end up paying too much money for poor service.

The reason for this problem is that the appliance repair market lacks a centralized platform that provides reliable, trustworthy and efficient repair services. Today’s market is fragmented, with many independent operators and a lack of standardization, making it difficult for customers to find the right technician quickly. The need of the moment is a platform that repairs owners who can be trusted that provides fast and affordable service for households looking for appliance repair technicians.

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Solution / value proposition

At Appliance Repair, we understand the frustration people experience when their appliances break down. Our solution is to offer fast and affordable repair services for all types of appliances, including refrigerators, washing machines, dryers, stoves, etc.

Our team of highly trained technicians use the latest tools and technology to quickly diagnose and repair problems, minimizing downtime for customers. We offer a satisfaction guarantee to ensure that our customers are satisfied with our work.

Our website and mobile app make it easy for customers to schedule appointments and track their repair progress. We also offer transparent pricing with no hidden fees, so customers know exactly what to expect.

When a customer uses our services, they will feel relieved knowing that their device is in good hands. They can rest assured that our trustworthy technicians will provide the best solution for their specific problem. Our goal is to provide a hassle-free and stress-free experience for our customers.

We think our solution is amazing because it not only solves the immediate problem, but it also saves customers time and money in the long run. Our affordable services extend the life of devices, allowing customers to avoid costly replacements.

  • Does this really solve the problem discussed? – Yes, we offer fast and affordable repair services for all types of devices, which provides a solution to the frustration of dealing with broken devices.
  • Is the solution so good that the customer will do anything to get it? – Yes, our easy-to-use platform and transparent pricing provide a hassle-free experience customers will appreciate.
  • How will the customer feel after using the solution? – The customer will feel relieved and satisfied knowing that their device is secure and in good hands.
  • Is the solution amazing? – We think our solution is amazing because it provides an affordable, hassle-free alternative to expensive replacements, while extending the life of appliances.

Market validation

According to market research firm Ibisworld, the appliance repair industry in the United States generates .2 billion a year and has grown at an average annual rate of 2.4% over the past five years. . This validates that there is a significant market for our device repair business and that the TAM is large enough to support our growth.

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Additionally, our research shows that customers are willing to pay an average of 0 to 0 for appliance repair services. This demonstrates that our pricing model is in line with industry standards and attractive to customers.

  • Details of our addressed market include:
  • A high demand for reliable appliance repair services due to the rising cost of replacement appliances and the desire to minimize waste and be environmentally friendly.
  • An aging population that prefers to repair devices rather than buy new ones.
  • A significant market for repair services for commercial kitchens and laundries.

Overall, the data supports the idea that starting an appliance repair business is a good idea. There is room for growth in the market, and customers are willing to pay for quality repair services. Additionally, the growing demand for repair services provides us with an opportunity to establish ourselves as a leading provider in the industry.

We are confident that our skilled technicians, focus on customer service and competitive pricing will enable us to succeed in this growing market.

business model

At Appliance Repair, our business model is based on providing repair services for a variety of household appliances, including refrigerators, ovens, dishwashers and washing machines. Our target market is homeowners and homeowners who need reliable and efficient repair services for their home appliances.

We generate revenue by charging for repair services, with prices based on the type of device and the extent of the repair needed. Our price is competitive with other repair service providers in the market. Additionally, we offer maintenance contracts for regular device reviews, which provide a stable and predictable revenue stream.

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The total amount of revenue generated will depend on the volume of repair services and maintenance contracts we provide. We anticipate steady revenue growth as we establish a strong reputation in the marketplace and generate repeat business. Our revenue projections for year one are 0,000, and we aim to grow to million by year three.

Our core product is repair services for home appliances. We provide repairs for a wide range of appliances, including refrigerators, ovens, dishwashers and washing machines. Additionally, we offer maintenance contracts, which provide regular check-ups and preventative maintenance for devices to ensure they are running efficiently.

Our business strategy is to differentiate ourselves from other appliance repair services by providing efficient and reliable repairs, with an emphasis on exceptional customer service. We aim to provide fast turnaround times for repair services and we offer a customer satisfaction guarantee. In addition, we invest in technology to streamline our processes and improve our efficiency, which allows us to offer competitive prices to customers.

We will also partner with device manufacturers and retailers to provide repair services for their products. This partnership will allow us to offer repair services for a wider range of home appliances and access their customer base for potential new business.


Appliance repair is a competitive market, with a number of established players offering services to customers. Some of our main competitors include ACME Repair, XYZ Fix-It and Fast Appliance Services.

  • ACME Repair: ACME is a well-known brand in the industry and has been providing appliance repair services for over 30 years. They have an extensive network of technicians and offer a wide range of services including repairs and installations. However, they have a reputation for being expensive and slow to respond to customer needs.
  • XYZ FIX-IT: XYZ is a new entrant in the market, but they have already established themselves as a reliable option for customers. They offer a mobile app for easy scheduling and focus on customer service. However, their price is slightly above average, which can be a turn-off for some customers.
  • Fast Appliance Services: Fast Appliance Services is known for its quick response times and quick turnaround on repairs. They offer 24/7 service and have a strong online presence. However, they may sacrifice quality for speed, and their work may not always live up to the highest standards.
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While these competitors provide valuable services to customers, we believe our approach sets us apart in several ways. Our technicians have a wealth of experience and are equipped with the latest tools and technology to provide the best possible service. We also offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee , which assures customers that we stand behind our work.

Our Unique Selling Points (USPS) include:

  • A focus on using environmentally friendly products and practices wherever possible
  • A mobile app for convenient appointment scheduling and tracking
  • An easy-to-use online platform for service requests and bill payment
  • A commitment to transparent pricing and no hidden fees

We believe that our USPS, combined with our dedication to customer service and high quality work, will set us apart from our competitors and allow us to capture a significant portion of the market share.

In terms of customer retention, we believe our biggest threat comes from cheaper, lower quality repair options that can tempt price-sensitive customers. It is important that we continue to emphasize our USPs and the value we provide to customers to ensure we retain their loyalty.

Founding team

Our founding team is comprised of highly skilled and experienced professionals who are passionate about repairing appliances and providing exceptional customer service. We have joined forces to create a company that will revolutionize the appliance repair industry.

Our team consists of:

  • John Smith, CEO: John has a Bachelor of Engineering and over 15 years of experience in the appliance repair industry. He has a proven track record of running successful appliance repair businesses and building strong customer relationships.
  • Amy Johnson, COO: Amy has an MBA and extensive experience in operations management. She has successfully led large-scale projects and teams across multiple industries, including Appliance Repair.
  • Mark Davis, CTO: Mark has a bachelor’s degree in computer science and over 10 years of software development experience. He specializes in developing innovative solutions for the appliance repair industry, such as an AI-powered troubleshooting tool.
  • Emily Lee, CFO: Emily has a bachelor’s degree in accounting and experience in financial management for various organizations. She has a keen eye for financial analysis and forecasting, which will ensure that our business remains on a solid financial footing.
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At Appliance Repair, our main goal is to provide our customers with top quality appliance repair services that are fast, reliable and affordable. We understand that devices play a vital role in our daily lives, and we are committed to ensuring that our customers’ devices work efficiently.

Our team has all the necessary skills to successfully meet the challenges of our business. We have a deep understanding of the appliance repair industry, and we have the technical expertise to develop innovative solutions to meet our customers’ needs.

We are the right people for the challenge because we are passionate, dedicated and driven to succeed. As a team, we share a common goal of revolutionizing the appliance repair industry, and we are confident that our combined skills and experience will make appliance repair a success.


Our appliance repair business has made significant progress since its launch, obviously from the growing demand for our services and positive feedback from our customers.

  • Quarterly revenue growth: Our revenue has grown steadily, with a 25% increase in the last quarter alone. This is a direct result of our focus on customer satisfaction and the quality of our repairs.
  • Customer Loyalty: We have established a loyal customer base, with over 70% of our customers being repeat customers. This indicates that our repair services and customer service meet and exceed expectations.
  • Product Market Fit: Our services have strong market demand . We’ve identified key drivers for our growth, including 90% positive customer reviews and a 15% increase in word-of-mouth referrals.
  • Market Growth: The device market is growing rapidly, with a projected CAGR of 6.3% from 2021 to 2028. Our services are well aligned to benefit from this growth.
  • Effective Metrics: We closely monitor our metrics, including Customer Acquisition Cost, Average Time to Repair, Inventory Turnover Rate and Customer Lifetime Value , to identify areas for improvement and cost savings.
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Our progress and market success demonstrates that our business model is both scalable and profitable. With the right investments and strategic partnerships, we believe we can expand our reach and bring high-quality appliance repair services to even more customers.

Fund raising

Our appliance repair startup is at a critical stage where we need to secure funding to expand our operations and remain competitive in the market. We are looking to raise 0,000 to achieve our goals. This funding will help us strengthen our brand presence, grow our team and improve our services.

The funds we raise will be allocated:

  • Product Development and Innovation – We aim to introduce new features and technologies to our repair services to streamline processes and improve customer experiences.
  • Marketing and Advertising – A significant portion of funds will be spent on expanding our reach by investing in online and offline marketing campaigns that target our niche audience.
  • New hires and training – We plan to hire qualified technicians, customer service representatives and managers to support our growth. We will also provide training programs to improve their skills and knowledge.
  • Equipment and Infrastructure – A portion of the funds will be used to upgrade our equipment, tools and infrastructure to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our repair services.

We are confident that with this funding, we can achieve several critical milestones. These include:

  • Expand our operations to new locations in the region and increase our market penetration.
  • Develop new partnerships with manufacturers, vendors and vendors to improve the quality and availability of repair parts and materials.
  • Grow our customer base by providing value and building trust.
  • Develop a scalable business model and implement new strategies to maintain long-term growth and profitability.

We believe that with your investment, our appliance repair business will reach its full potential and make our mark in the industry. Thank you for considering our funding proposal.