How to open an online bank account without proof?

Today more than ever, online banks are very successful with individuals and professionals. However, many are still reluctant to take the plunge. In particular, for fear of complex and lengthy procedures. And yet, opening an online bank account has never been easier and faster. Moreover, thanks to increasingly simplified procedures, opening an online bank is done in just a few clicks. Do you want to know the steps to follow to open an online bank account without proof? Here they are !

No, it is not possible to open a bank account online without proof. This applies to both traditional and modern banks, i.e. online banks. Opening a bank account requires at least the presentation of an identity document.

You will find, however, some brands and financial agencies that do not ask their future customers to provide a lot of supporting documents. Thus, you must, at least present two or three pieces. In addition to the identity document, you may also be asked for proof of address.

At some financial institutions, you also do not need income conditions when opening accounts. But beware, not all profiles will be able to benefit from this facility. This offer is, for example, not available to professionals. So take the time to carefully consider the different conditions for opening the account.

The conditions for opening a bank account without proof depend on the financial institution of your choice. For every detail, always check the stated opening conditions. Here are some examples of conditions:

Are you looking for a bank that does not require a lot of proof of income? There are several options available to you in this case. Among the most classic choices are:

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By opting for BNP Paribas, you can open a bank account without having to submit a tax return. However, to be able to take advantage of this offer, you must present other additional supporting documents: 2 proofs of identity (choose between CIN, passport or residence permit), proof of address or proof of accommodation, certificate of schooling if you are a student, a RIB, a signature and an initial deposit of at least 20 euros. By joining BNP Paribas, you can have a free bank card valid for 12 months. This period allows you to choose another bank or another offer if the one proposed by BNP Paribas does not suit you.

Boursorama Banque is a subsidiary of Société Générale. This financial institution offers the opening of an account without proof of income. Moreover, Boursorama Banque’s slogan is: “Welcome, online banking for all without income conditions”. If you do not have or do not want to present this proof, you can go through Boursorama Banque. There are, however, a few conditions to be met in order to benefit from this offer:

By respecting all the conditions issued, you will benefit from the mobile application, the checkbook and the free VISA Classic card.

N26 is a German bank. Despite this, it is particularly appreciated on the French market. And the reasons for this success are many. First, it is a mobile bank. Which means you’ll enjoy lower fees and an easier registration process. By joining more than 800,000 customers, you join one of the neobanks with the most customers in France. By opting for the free offer, here are the different options available to you:

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If you opt for the free option, you must therefore understand that good management of the bank account is essential. And for good reason, from the sixth withdrawal, you will be charged 2 euros per withdrawal. If you turn to paid formulas (N26 You or N26 Metal), you must sign a minimum 1-year commitment.

The Nickel account is open to any French person who wishes to benefit from an account. The advantage is that you don’t need to show multiple IDs. All you need is an ID and a deposit of 20 euros. By opting for a Nickel account, you will have access to an efficient and simple method of payment.

The C-Zam account is a payment card that you can easily buy from a Carrefour brand. This formula is accessible without supporting documents and with only 2 pieces of identity. With the box at 5 euros + 1 euro / month, here are the tools available to you: Mastercard card, unlimited commission-free withdrawals from ATMs, mobile application, unlimited transfers.

Thanks to Monabanq, you can take advantage of a bank card with no mandatory minimum income, no direct debit of income and no minimum monthly payment. It is for this reason that Monabanq is considered one of the most accessible online banks on the market. These offers meet the needs of retirees, temporary workers or people with no income. You must still make a minimum payment when opening your Monabanq account. This first deposit is from 150 euros.

Do you plan to open an online bank account without proof? Several choices are available to you! Nevertheless, the steps are always (or almost) similar:

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To open an online account, you must first identify the bank that best meets your needs and expectations. So take the time to carefully compare the different offers.

Once you have found the ideal bank, you can take the next step when opening an online account: completing the online subscription form. Here are the different points you need to fill in:

Once the form has been completed, you can send the requested supporting documents. As you choose to open an online account, all the steps will be done online. The procedures for sending supporting documents are simple, fast and secure. You have the choice of sending by e-mail or directly on the online banking site. In some cases, you can also send via smartphone (provided that the bank of your choice has a mobile application).

Once the supporting documents have been sent and the electronic signature of the customer has been completed, you must wait for the decision of the online bank. Indeed, the managers can accept or refuse the file according to your supporting documents and your information. If information is missing from the subscription form, the bank may ask you to reapply.

Your file is accepted? Congratulation ! Your bank account is ready to use! Be careful, however, you could not fully use your bank account until you make the first deposit. The amount is delimited by the online bank. On average, the first payment is 300 euros. This deposit remains entirely at your disposal, as it is not a payment.

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Once the first payment has been made, you will receive your bank card by post. This may take a few days after validation of the account opening validation. To make the first withdrawals, count between 7 to 10 days upon receipt of your credit card.

With the arrival of the Macron law of 2017, banks are obliged to offer a banking mobility assistance service for new customers. If you are an individual and want to change banks, know that your new bank must support you in the various formalities.

The documents required to open an online account depend on the financial institution chosen. But in general, here are the main supporting documents you need to provide:

For the opening of an account to be accepted, it is imperative to provide a complete file (including all the supporting documents requested).

Generally, ID is required in most online banks. Here are the accepted IDs:

In some financial institutions, you must also present a document proving your place of residence. For it to be valid, this proof must be dated within the last 3 months. You have several choices:

If your proof of residence document is not in your name, you must provide a certificate of accommodation by a third party. In some cases, you must also attach a copy of the host’s identity card and a photocopy of his proof of address.

Have you decided to complete the procedures 100% online? It’s entirely possible ! But in this case, you may need to provide a photo of your signature on a blank sheet. This signature is not the one that will be used for the account agreement, but it will authenticate your signature. This step is all the more important if you want to use a checkbook or if you want to make a check deposit by post.

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Some online banks also require a RIB from another bank. It is on this document that the bank of your choice can have the coordinates or the IBAN of an account or a passbook already opened in a traditional bank.

Finally, there is the income certificate. It is not compulsory, but it is required in some banks. In most cases, this proof of income allows you to lift the limits of your bank card or your account. Here are the different proofs of income eligible for opening an online bank account:

As you will have understood, there are several online banks without proof. But some are considered to be the best: