Healthtech & Medtech

There are many terms related to health technology. But two of them particularly stand out: Healthtech and Medtech. Although they have similarities, there are differences between the two terms.


The HealthTech sector is currently the most dynamic sector of the healthcare market. It generally refers to technologies used to improve the quality of life of individuals in terms of health.

In France, there are more than 2,000 HealthTechs and among these nearly 750 Biotechs, 1,200 MedTechs and 200 e-health players. In 2021, a figure marked the companies of this ecosystem because they raised nearly 2.3 billion euros, according to Alcimed , a consulting company in innovation and development of new markets specialized in innovative sectors.

This includes mobile health tracking apps, connected devices such as activity trackers, health management software, and online platforms for communication with healthcare providers.

Its goal is to empower individuals to better understand their own health, track trends in their well-being, and make informed decisions to improve their overall health.

This exceptional dynamic, however, hides major challenges at the level of companies and health systems. The problem being access to financing , access to the market and the creation of partnerships .

Healthtech & Medtech


Also called Medical Technology, it generally refers to technology that is used to diagnose and treat disease. Indeed, this includes medical devices, surgical instruments, imaging devices, implants and medical software.

Its main objective is to improve health care by providing tools to diagnose and then treat diseases more efficiently and accurately. This may include the use of robotics and artificial intelligence to improve the results of surgeries. But also the use of connected devices to monitor patients remotely, and the use of virtual reality for the training of health professionals.

Healthtech & Medtech
In a study of nearly 180 companies, biotechnology companies alone represent almost half of the panel and companies developing medical devices (known as MedTech) account for almost a quarter.

In summary

Healthtech and Medtech have similar objectives such as improving the health of individuals. However, they use different technologies to achieve this. Healthtech mainly focuses on tools, while Medtech uses tools to diagnose and treat diseases. However, the two can be used together to provide an improved overall healthcare experience for patients.

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Our engagements

ESCadrille Toulouse Junior Conseil offers consulting services to companies, particularly in the field of health, here is how:

  • Understand the trends of the MedTech market in particular, the competitive forces and its opportunities.
  • Develop product and/or service launch strategies .
  • Assess innovation opportunities .
  • And finally, establish connections and partnerships with key industry players to strengthen their presence in the market, especially for project financing.

In short, using its expertise and experience ESCadrille Toulouse Junior Conseil can offer a variety of services. As much to help new companies that want to get started in health as in other sectors.