Great Business Ideas: Write Clear Job Descriptions

Great Ideas for your Small Business:

Write Clear Job Descriptions

In the interest of clarity and good communication, it’s a great idea to outline specific job responsibilities for everyone on your staff. This helps avoid confusion and boosts productivity.

It also helps cross-train workers to cover for each other. Be sure to update your job descriptions every six months and whenever you hire new people or consultants.

If you don’t think you need to do this, just ask your staff to tell you exactly what they are expected to do every day. You may be very surprised at the contrast between what you think you hired them to do and what they are actually doing.

We are a very small company, but our responsibilities are very clear:

jane applegate: Manage the big picture at SBTV. Write weekly “Succeeding in Small Business” column; coordinate production for video segments; work with the business development team to put together new deals; write proposals; speak at events.

john d’aquila: CFO and business development manager. Responsible for drafting sponsorship proposals, day to day financial operations, and forming strategic alliances.

sarah prior: Manage daily operations and coordinate efforts between the Web design and production teams; research and report stories for print and broadcast; write scripts and assist Jane with sponsor relations.

scott wylie: Manage all computer systems, e-mail, and video editing and compression efforts; coordinate all tech coverage on SBTV; create new strategies to sell SBTV content.

joe applegate: Managing editor responsible for editing all new content posted on SBTV; review all projects from an ethical and financial perspective; provide guidance and moral support to Jane.

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