Great Business Ideas: Use Frequent Flier Miles for Meetings

Great Ideas for your Small Business: Use Frequent Flier Miles for Meetings

Futurist david snyder flies more than 150,000 miles a year, giving speeches and consulting for private and government clients. To build up frequent flier miles, he flies first class and books his own tickets, although his clients reimburse him for travel expenses. Every few years, he cashes in all those free miles to hold retreats for The Snyder Family Enterprise.

“We prefer United for its service and because it covers most national routes,” says Sue Snyder, David’s wife and managing director of the company. “If he can’t fly United, we charge the tickets on his American Express card and transfer the miles to other airlines.”

So if you are always on the road and in the air, bank those miles and cash them in for a business-related trip.

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