Great Business Ideas: Take This Time-Management Quiz

Great Ideas for your Small Business: Take This Time-Management Quiz

Marketing consultant ruth klein helps clients manage their time, which of course then allows them to work more effectively and make more money. She sent along this provocative little time-management quiz to help you determine how well you organize your day. Spend a minute or two thinking about your answers.

Which of these statements below are true in your life?

  1. You send or receive more Federal Express mail than ordinary mail.
  2. You bring an overflowing binder or briefcase with “stuff you have to do” on a one- or two-day trip.
  3. Your cell phone bill is half your office rent.
  4. Most of your conversations begin with, “I’m sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner, but….”
  5. You dream about e-mail more than you dream about humans.
  6. While on vacation, you spend more time around the fax machine than around the pool.

If you agree with most of these statements, you need to get a grip and get your life organized. For help, read on and find more great ideas for better time management.

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