Great Business Ideas: Demand Great Service from Vendors

Great Ideas for your Small Business:

Demand Great Service from Vendors

David gumpert, an author, journalist, and website wizard, gave me a great idea when we met in Washington, D.C., to celebrate Small Business Week a few years ago. When he’s negotiating with new suppliers or vendors that he wants to do business with, he doesn’t niggle on price. Instead, he tells them,

“I will pay you top dollar, if you promise to always give me excellent service.”

Basically, he’s very clear that he wants his phone calls returned quickly, his supplies delivered on time, and any problems resolved immediately. He said this direct approach really works. People appreciate not being beaten up over price and are happy to respond to his demand for excellent service. He’s willing to pay a few dollars more to be treated like a king.

It’s similar to what happens when you need technical sup- port from a hardware or software vendor. You can wait on hold all day by using the free side of their support team, or pay $20 to $30, speak to a real person, and get your problem resolved in minutes.

Remember, time is money. And if you’re striving to give your customers and clients top-notch customer service, shouldn’t you expect the same courtesy from your vendors?

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