Great Business Ideas: Bumper-sticker strategy

Great Small Business Ideas to Start: Bumper-sticker strategy

A firm should be able to summarize its business and approach in a single concise statement.

The idea

Quick and effective communication is viewed by many as a cornerstone of modern business. In light of this, it seems natural that many organizations have developed a way of summing up the most important aspects of their business in a memorable and impressive “bumper-sticker” tagline.

Notable examples of organizations that use this tactic include:

  • Virgin: “Debunk the establishment, business as fun.” This statement reinforces the company’s image as rebellious, confident, and daring within the corporate world.
  • BMW: “The ultimate driving machine.” Underlining its status as the most superior luxury-car brand, BMW strives to appear as the most impressive option in a competitive market where status is vital.
  • Federal Express: “Guaranteed overnight delivery.” Showing off its core competency and proposition in three words, this statement reminds customers of its reliability and speed, while reminding employees of the importance of timely delivery.

The benefit s of a good bumper-sticker slogan are not just in winning over customers—it can be useful for communicating with employees too. While the examples mentioned were for entire companies, they can be used at all levels within an organization, and adjusted for different teams, departments, and strategic initiatives. This helps teams work together toward a common goal, as well as clarifying complex sales campaigns so they can be fully understood. Bumper stickers also help salespeople understand which points to emphasize.

Customer-focused taglines cement your brand’s image among your consumer base, capture their attention, and remind them of the quality of your services. Make sure you have one for your business or job.

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In practice

  • Decide which specific aspects of your product offering or corporate strategy should be emphasized in the tagline.
  • Work it into your company’s advertising, wherever possible. It should come to be symbolic of your firm’s values and services.
  • Show a clear differentiation from your competitors.
  • Promise value. See it from your customers’ point of view—have you clearly outlined the advantages for them?
  • Consider what is unique about your business organization that will allow you to carry out the strategy in a superior way to your competitors.
  • Ensure employees are committed to the goal and take it to heart.