Good team management

You have just been promoted and you have to manage several people? You don’t know how to go about organizing your management?

Through this article, discover tips for good team management and how to promote working in harmony in a good social climate.

Ensure effective team management to establish a good quality of life at work

Good management is not only about managing conflicts but finding out how to communicate better and give a positive group dynamic.

This management method encourages collective intelligence and performance optimization . In France , 1/3 of managers use the wrong techniques. This is why it is important to set up a managerial action plan to promote team management.

Find your leadership style

In the entrepreneurial universe, there are different worlds of management. The challenge is to know, which management method will you apply in the long term with your team ? Identify your type of management through your personality and your vision :

  • Directive management: This is an interesting management for people who have a great need to be framed through an effective type of management to boost productivity.
  • Persuasive management: This type of management likes a challenge and boosts its team through the reflection of issues and strategies. Even if it has a hierarchy, it will be easy to communicate with your team.
  • Consultative management: This is management that promotes trust among its employees. This kind of management encourages the distribution of tasks between the members and welcomes all the proposals and projects of your collaborators.
  • Collaborative management: This method is used at 90% in new companies such as start-ups. Employees are involved in the company’s strategy, which leads to flexible and flexible management.
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So which one do you choose?

Healthy communication with your team

We will retain 2 words: Express yourself and listen, why ?

Express yourself :

To manage effectively, express your vision clearly and precisely . A manager who does not communicate will not be able to produce effective work with his collaborators. This could have a negative impact on the company’s activity. Conducting individual interviews and regular feedback to employees will ensure healthy communication in the long term.

Listen :

It is a question of getting to know each of the employees, and of listening to them . It is essential to have an open mind by listening to their ideas, their needs and helping them to solve the problems encountered. This mode of management will be all the more appreciated if these actions are carried out regularly. Indeed, 62% of employees are looking for a manager who listens.

Trust in delegating work

Here is one of the rules not to be overlooked!

As a good manager, you are responsible for overseeing work, assigning tasks and following a specific action plan. Often, the fair distribution of tasks can prove to be complicated because a manager who does not trust his collaborators can find himself faced with too much work overload. You must therefore delegate the work by having confidence in your collaborators. Of course, this does not prevent you from controlling and reacting in the event of a problem!

Good team management

A piece of advice : Optimize the distribution and organization of tasks!

Some tools to ensure good project management:

  • Concept: It is a note-taking and database application that will allow you to centralize information with your collaborators.
  • Task management software ( Pintask, Todoist, PipeDrive… ): Complete tools, easy to access and simple for your team
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Thanks to these tools, you will carry out responsible and agile management!

Know how to react in case of conflict

Whatever the size of the company, you must anticipate your reactions to tensions. The objective is to be able to adopt the best behavior by making the right decisions. With an attentive and caring ear, it is important to listen to both parties. This action will allow you to form an idea and strengthen your decision.

Stepping back is inevitable for you and your employees to find THE beneficial solution by applying corrective actions. On average, 45% of employees in France want a manager who knows how to make decisions, hence the importance of good operational management !

Now it’s up to you !

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