How long should you borrow for a rental investment?

A real estate purchase, whatever it is, is not a trivial act: it is often associated with a credit, which commits you for a few years of your existence. It is sometimes the project of a lifetime, especially when it comes to his main residence. In the case of a rental investment, it’s a little … Read more

Goodbye little car!

There you go, I sold my little car a few days ago. The very one who accompanied me since my arrival in Pays de la Loire a little over 8 years ago. How time passes. But this is not the time for bitterness, quite the contrary. So why did I part with my little self? … Read more

earning money doing nothing

Earning money without doing anything is a principle that would please many people, me first. Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as writing it down. If anyone knows the secret, I’m a taker! But before learning how to earn money with minimal effort , a little lesson seems appropriate, in order to understand some concepts. Attention … Read more

7 reasons to switch to online banking

It has now been almost 6 months since I discovered online banking. Or should I say online banking, plural. Initially attracted by the opening and/or sponsorship bonuses that they simply made it possible to obtain (as a reminder, €1,300 in earnings through this in 2013), what is my opinion on this first period of use? … Read more

7 tips to follow before switching to online banking

Second article dedicated to online banks, we will now see the other side of the mirror. As a reminder, I discovered online banking in September 2013 and have since been very satisfied. Also after having shared with you 7 good reasons to switch to online banking, here is the moment to mention a few points … Read more

Can the repurchase of credit help you?

Managing personal finances is not an easy exercise. Between the necessary daily expenses, leisure and others, it is easy to find yourself in a complicated financial situation. We are going to evoke here the story of Monsieur and Madame Plaisirsdelavie , a couple of young lovers. Once upon a time… The Plaisirsdelavie family is a … Read more

Calculate your taxes in 6 steps and 2 examples

Today’s article will address a theme that is dear to us, in every sense of the word: taxes. In the same way that knowing your expenses is imperative to optimize your finances, knowing how to calculate your taxes is a plus to be able to identify the actions that could allow you to reduce them. … Read more

Why does the bank pay itself first?

The bank pays itself first

When we talk about real estate loans, we often hear this sentence indicating that the bank pays itself first , that these bad bankers get paid first . The line is exaggerated, but the idea is there. Is there any truth behind this recurring assertion? So finally, why do we say that? First thing to … Read more

Landlord, our first steps

It has now been almost 2 months since I am the proud landlord owner of a rental property . Or rather should I say that we are, Madam having accompanied me on all the stages of this beautiful project, and will accompany me again on the next ones! The property on which we have set … Read more

Why I changed energy supplier

It’s been a few months since I changed energy supplier. And since I don’t do things by halves, it was done for electricity and for gas. The reason? Economical of course! Indeed, why continue to pay more when you can have the same thing at a lower price ? A few years ago, the idea … Read more