ESCadrille is committed to the inclusion of all the talents of TBS Education

This year, we are launching a tripartite project. A true symbol of the spirit of “Give Back” and mutual aid between Alumni, it is based on a virtuous circle between ESCadrille Toulouse Junior Conseil, the TBS Foundation and TBS Alumni.

ESCadrille is committed to the inclusion of all the talents of TBS Education

ESCadrille & TBS Education Alumni are committed together for the inclusion of all talents

For each study sponsored by a TBS Education Alumni at ESCadrille Toulouse Junior Conseil, 10% of the amount of the study will be donated to the TBS Foundation.

Thus, the TBS Foundation will be able to redistribute the donations collected in the form of social grants intended for students in financial difficulty or in a precarious situation, thus promoting inclusion and equal opportunities for students.

Our school, TBS Education, has a strong network of 50,000 Alumni, students and graduates. ESCadrille wishes to be a major player in this community.
For this ESCadrille will support the projects of our Alumni with tailor-made consulting solutions on different themes.

Thanks to this ambitious project ESCadrille now has a double impact with the student community and thus increases its commitment throughout their schooling.

On the one hand, by supporting them in their skills development through the management of studies. On the other hand, by enabling them to cope with their financial difficulties thanks to the financing of solidarity scholarships.

But by supporting their project after their schooling, ESCadrille also has a much more lasting positive impact on the students of its school!

Create a close-knit, triptych network between the school, the Junior Enterprise and the foundation that will allow us to raise funds to help students through merit scholarships

Catherine HALUPNICZAK , General Delegate of TBS Alumni

Graduates will be able to benefit from the services of the Junior-Enterprise and through this action will be able to donate to the Foundation to help students who are in difficulty

Marion FELIX , Development Manager of the TBS Foundation

ESCadrille is committed to the inclusion of all the talents of TBS Education

Escadrille is committed to the launch of your projects

With an expertise of more than 44 years, ESCadrille can support you in the launch of your project.

With 100% personalized services and many areas of expertise ESCadrille is the solution par excellence in terms of market research, digitalization strategy and much more.

This year ESCadrille has established itself as the Junior-Enterprise reference by winning the title of The Junior Enterprise Of The Year in Europe!

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