Don’t Forget – Have Fun, Too

52 Simple Ways to Manage Your Money – 19. Don’t Forget – Have Fun, Too

What it is …

A balanced lifestyle of work and play.

How it helps …

Your life will be richer.

You will reduce stress and gain more from relationships.

Key items to look for …

Review your leisure time activities.

What do you feel you are missing in life?

Time …

A half an hour to sec up the plan, for the activity, as much as it takes.

For the activity, as much time as it takes.

Continuing— the amount that you set aside.

Keys to action …

Give importance to your leisure time and activities.

Decide what you really want to do and create a plan and time to do it.

Inform the family that this activity is important to you and that you expect them to honor your participation.


Make a commitment to set aside a reasonable amount of time just for you.


Announce your decision. Invite comments, but stay firm .


Recognize the benefits to you and others through your new leisure fulfillment.

Notice …

Your feelings when you decide to do something totally for yourself, on a regular basis.

Your temptation to take care of others.

The value you give to having time for yourself.

But what if …

My family needs me while I am busy with my leisure activity?

Teach them to take care o f themselves.

Set up a schedule and stick to it. They may test you at first— be loving, but firm .

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My dream activity is too expensive?

Try an associated activity that is less expensive. Volunteer to support the group or team.

Find an alternative that is similar, but less expensive.

Thought primers …

To me, fun means…

One o f the things I like to do that I never get to do is…

When I had fun, Mother/Father would say…

The good thing about being a martyr might be…

One of the ways I w ill benefit from changing my schedule is…

If I believed that taking care of others meant taking care of myself.. .

Don't Forget - Have Fun, Too
Don’t Forget – Have Fun, Too