Don’t Even Ask – Underspending

52 Simple Ways to Manage Your Money – 17. Don’t Even Ask – Underspending

What it is …

Living at a standard far below what your income dictates.

Saving or hoarding co an excess that forces you to consistently deny yourself certain comforts and pleasures.

Saving and hoarding out of fear of never having enough money, rather than as a result of a prearranged plan.

How it hurts…

It deprives you of joy and satisfaction in life.

It creates suffering and worry around money.

It makes your life revolve around money.

It keeps you from feeling satisfied with your accomplishments because you never have enough.

Key items to look for …

Excess saved beyond sound planning and contingent needs.

When you set an amount of money to save and then reach that amount, do you increase the limit?

Time …

One hour to evaluate your current situation.

Ongoing, as needed.

Keys to action …

Determine specific amounts for contingency accounts.

When you reach that limit, set money aside in a different account.

Set aside some time to let your mind wander and think about ways co spend money within your limits.


Take a look at your balance sheet. What portion of your net worth is in savings?


Check your worst case scenario. How much would you need to have in order to recover?


Compare those two figures.


What you say to yourself when you want something. 51 The buying habits of your friends.

When you first started saying “no” to yourself. 31 How often you say “no” to yourself.

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But what if…

I really don’t need or want anything?

Fine, as long as that decision is a free choice and doesn’t stem from fear or worry of not having enough money.

Thought primers…

If I saw money as an expendable resource -..

To me, saying “yes” means…

If I could spend as much money as I wanted…

I first started saying “no” when…

The good thing about having more money than I will ever need.. .

If I trusted myself to be able to generate more money…

Don't Even Ask - Underspending
Don’t Even Ask – Underspending