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Imagine you’re a busy mom who just finished work and picked up your kids from school. It’s already quite late and you’re all starving. As you drive home, all you can think about is how you don’t have the energy to cook and you’ve been too busy preparing meals. You want something quick and easy that the whole family can enjoy. You’re tired of fast food and pizza, but your options seem limited. Fast food chains and sit-in restaurants are everywhere, but where can you find a quick and delicious lunch or dinner that reminds you of your favorite Hawaiian vacation?

The problem is, there’s no place that offers fast, authentic Hawaiian cuisine that’s both filling and affordable. While there may be a few sit-down restaurants that serve Hawaiian cuisine, they are rare. L&L Hawaiian barbecue franchisee aims to solve this problem by bringing authentic, great-tasting Hawaiian food to consumers around the world.

Relevance of the issue

The issue is highly relevant to the masses because, in today’s fast paced world, more and more people are looking for a quick and easy meal that is filling and satisfying. Hawaiian cuisine is a unique and delicious option that is currently not widely available. As a result, consumers are forced to eat unhealthy fast food or sit-down restaurants that require a lot of time and money. Hawaiian L&L barbecue franchisee can provide a solution to this problem by offering a convenient and healthy alternative that is both affordable and delicious.

Current solutions for the problem

  • Fast food chains that offer unhealthy and processed meals
  • Sit down restaurants overpriced and time consuming
  • Other cooking options that may not provide satisfying and filling meals

Although these options may temporarily solve the problem of hunger, they do not provide a quick, convenient and healthy meal option that is affordable and delicious.

Why does the problem exist?

The problem exists because there aren’t many quick and affordable options for those looking to try authentic Hawaiian cuisine. Also, many people aren’t as familiar with Hawaiian cuisine as they are with other cuisines, so they may be less likely to actively seek it out. Hawaiian barbecue franchisee L&L aims to bring attention to this unique cuisine and make it accessible to everyone.

Solution / value proposition

L&L Hawaiian BBQ Franchise is the solution to the problem of finding delicious, authentic Hawaiian cuisine outside of Hawaii. Our franchise business offers a wide selection of traditional Hawaiian dishes, made with fresh, high quality ingredients, bringing the authentic taste of Hawaii to the continental United States.

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We have developed a unique and innovative way of preparing and serving our dishes to ensure that our customers are delighted with every bite. Our recipes have been perfected over time, passing down authentic family traditions and cultural practices that are the essence of Hawaiian cuisine. We pride ourselves on our use of fresh, local ingredients, including our signature marinated meats, which are cooked to perfection and served with our famous sticky rice and Hawaiian macaroni salad.

With the L&L Hawaiian barbecue franchise, customers no longer have to travel to Hawaii to experience authentic island flavors. Our franchise business delivers an exceptional customer experience, transporting customers to Hawaii’s beaches and palm trees with every bite. Our food is so good that it will compel customers to do whatever they can to have it again and again.

Our guests will feel like they are on a tropical vacation when they dine with us. They will be greeted with a warm spirit of aloha and leave feeling satisfied and grateful for the unique and memorable meal they had.

Our innovative solution is amazing because it not only solves the problem of finding authentic Hawaiian cuisine on the mainland in the United States, but also creates a memorable experience for our customers.

We are proud to develop a strong team of franchise owners, who are trained to bring the authentic flavors and warm spirit of the Hawaiian Islands to every dish. Our franchise owners are provided with our proprietary recipes, superior training and ongoing support to ensure the highest standards of quality and customer service are met at every L&L Hawaiian BBQ franchisee location.

  • Our franchisee business model will be to provide franchise owners with our proprietary recipes, training and support to ensure authentic, quality Hawaiian dishes, while charging franchise fees and royalties based on a percentage of their revenue. monthly.
  • Additional revenue streams will include catering services, online ordering and pick-up/delivery options, expanding our reach to customers who cannot visit our locations in person.
  • We will continue to innovate and develop new dishes and flavors to keep our customers coming back for more and staying ahead of the competition.

Market validation

According to a report by Technavio, the Hawaiian cuisine market size is expected to grow at a CAGR of over 11% from 2020 to 2024. Additionally, the fast food restaurant market in the United States grew by 8.6% YoY annual since 2015, with revenues reaching .5 billion in 2020. This indicates strong demand for quick and easy dining options.

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Hawaiian BBQ franchisee L&L offers an authentic Hawaiian cooking experience with a unique menu of dishes like Loco Moco and Hawaiian BBQ Chicken. The TAM of this market includes anyone who loves Hawaiian cuisine and is looking for a quick dining experience, including individuals, families, and office groups.

Our specific market focuses on middle to upper class people with higher purchasing power who are willing to pay premium prices for quality foods. The sales cycle varies, depending on location and local demand, but typically our restaurants see high traffic during lunchtime and dinnertime.

The L&L Hawaiian BBQ franchise is a good idea as the demand for Hawaiian cuisine is on the rise. Our focus on fast, easy and authentic dining options, combined with our franchise model, allows us to cater to a growing market while providing an attractive investment opportunity for potential franchisees.

The market for Hawaiian cuisine is growing and research indicates that the demand for this cuisine is expected to continue to increase. Millennials, the largest consumer demographic, are highly receptive to new and diverse food options, making them more likely to try returning to Hawaiian barbecue franchisee L&L.

The average ticket price for L&L Hawaiian barbecue franchisee menu items is about , and the average customer spends about per visit. Our data shows that individuals and families tend to spend more than office groups, with catering services ranging from 0 to 0 per order.

  • TAM: Total market available for Hawaiian cuisine
  • Market Growth: CAGR over 11% from 2020 to 2024
  • Sales cycle: high traffic during lunch and dinner
  • Market demand: high demand for quick and easy dining options
  • Competition: Hawaiian barbecue and Asian cuisine restaurants
  • Customers: middle to upper class people with higher purchasing power who are willing to pay premium prices for quality food
  • Price range: The average ticket price per menu is , the average customer spends about per visit, and catering services ranging from 0 to 0 per order

business model

At L&L Hawaiian Barbecue Franchisee, we specialize in providing a delicious fusion of Hawaiian and Asian cuisine to our customers. Our business model revolves around providing high quality food, excellent customer service and embedding the spirit of Aloha in everything we do. Here’s how our business strategy works:

Revenue Generation

Our primary source of revenue is the sale of our menu items, which includes an assortment of Hawaiian and Asian fusion dishes, dessert and beverages. Franchisee owners will be required to use our proprietary recipes and ingredients to ensure consistency and maintain our brand’s high standards and quality.

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Additionally, we plan to generate revenue through:

  • Catering Service: We offer catering services for corporate events, social functions and private parties.
  • Merchandising: We plan to sell branded merchandise such as t-shirts, caps and mugs to our customers at our franchise locations.
  • Franchise Fees: We charge our franchisee owners an initial franchise fee and ongoing royalty fee based on a percentage of their monthly revenue.

Total amount of income

We anticipate that our franchise locations will generate an average of ,000 to ,000 in sales per month depending on location and store size. Our team has projected a 5-year revenue growth rate of 12%, which is based on historical industry data.

Products that generate revenue

Our main revenue-generating products are our menu items, which include customer favorites like Kalua Pork, Teriyaki Chicken, Loco Moco and our popular spam Musubi. The catering services and merchandising options will also contribute to our overall revenue generation.

Overall, our business model is centered around providing quality food, excellent customer service, and integrating our unique Hawaiian and Asian flair to create a memorable dining experience for our customers. We believe this model, when executed correctly, will contribute to the growth and success of Hawaiian BBQ franchisee L&L’s business.


Our main competitors in the Hawaiian barbecue market are other restaurants for quick and hearty satiation with an emphasis on Hawaiian-style cuisine. Strong players include:

  • L&L Hawaiian BBQ – Our number one competitor, with over 200 franchise locations across the US and overseas. Their menu features classic Hawaiian dishes, including their famous Loco Moco and Spam Musubi.
  • BBQ Hawaiian Ono – Another popular franchise chain with over 80 locations. They offer a similar menu to L&L, with an emphasis on Hawaiian shaved ice breakfasts and desserts.
  • Aloha Kitchen – A smaller chain with locations primarily in Las Vegas, but with a strong following for authentic Hawaiian cuisine and their secret island sauce.

While our competitors do well in terms of offering Hawaiian dishes, we believe our unique selling proposition is based on our focus on fresh, locally sourced ingredients that are both tasty and healthy. We also provide customization options for our dishes, allowing our customers to select their own protein and side choices to create the perfect meal. Our menu caters to a wider audience, including vegetarians and gluten-free individuals.

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Plus, our dining experience stands out, with a welcoming atmosphere reminiscent of an island vacation, complete with Hawaiian music and decor. We also offer faster service, with online ordering and curbside pickup options.

Our competitive advantage allows us to attract a wider range of customers and differentiate ourselves from our competitors. We believe our position in the market stands out due to our excellent service and unique style that combines the best of Hawaiian cuisine with a modern twist. Our goal is to continue to innovate and grow our brand to reach more customers and become the top choice for Hawaiian-style food.

While we recognize that our competitors can steal some of our customers, we believe our unique value proposition, combined with our high quality service, will set us apart from the competition and create a strong customer base.

Founding team

Our founding team includes seasoned entrepreneurs who are experts in the food industry. They have decades of experience running a variety of food franchises and have watched it evolve over time. Our team members have exceptional qualifications and expertise and have been handpicked for their in-depth knowledge and experience to run the Hawaiian L&L barbecue franchise business.

The main goal of our team is to trust our potential investors about our team and our skills to make the business a huge success. Our team members possess the necessary skills, are well versed in the technical and managerial aspects of the business and have in-depth knowledge of market trends and demographics to help the business succeed.

Our team is passionate about bringing the tropical flavors of Hawaiian BBQ to customers around the world. Our vision is to provide customers with an authentic Hawaiian barbecue experience that combines the best in taste, quality and affordability.

Our team has a proven track record of success in the food industry. Our members have outstanding educational qualifications, relevant experience and notable achievements in the food industry. Their expertise and experience make them the most suitable candidates to lead Hawaiian barbecue franchisee L&L.

Despite the many skills of our team, we continually identify areas that require further development. We have identified certain key skills and made arrangements for their development, keeping in mind the long-term success of the franchisee’s business.

  • Our team has identified that there may be some challenges in marketing and global expansion. However, we have appointed experienced marketing and sales professionals who have over 20 years of experience in building brands globally.
  • Although our team members have extensive knowledge in operations management, we have software consultants who specialize in inventory management, sales forecasting and quality control to streamline the entire process.
  • We continually assess our shortcomings and learn how to improve ourselves and our methods of operation to take our franchise business to even greater heights.
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In conclusion, we firmly believe that we are the right people for the challenge. Our passion, expertise and extensive experience in the food industry make us the perfect team to manage the L&L Hawaiian BBQ franchisee. We are confident that with the efforts of our team and an investment from our potential investors, we can bring the authentic flavors of Hawaiian barbecue to the world.


At L&L Hawaiian Barbecue Franchisee, we believe that traction is the ultimate proof of the success and sustainability of our business idea. Our current traction signals have shown that our idea is generating positive customer feedback and gaining momentum in the market.

Our first Hawaiian BBQ franchise location L&L opened in the fourth quarter of 2019, and since then we have shown significant progress in terms of growth and revenue. Our sales revenue grew 20% month over month in the first six months after placement. This sales growth can be attributed to the strong demand for our unique Hawaiian food offerings and the positive word of mouth marketing we have received.

In the first quarter of 2020, we reached a major milestone by reaching our first profitable quarter since our launch. This means that our initial assumptions about our business model and market size were correct. Additionally, our customer retention rate is high, with 70% of our customers returning for a second visit within the first six months, proving that customers appreciate the quality of our food, our service and our overall experience.

To measure and analyze our business performance, we use several metrics. For example, we track our Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) , which shows the cost of each new customer that enters our restaurant. We are constantly improving our acquisition strategy to reduce CAC, which will be evident in our growing customer base and revenue.

Another important metric for our business is churn . We have been able to maintain a low churn rate of 10%, which means that only 10% of our customers do not return, indicating that they are happy with our service and product. This measure underlines the value of our business model and market positioning.

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Finally, our expansion goals have already been planned and we are in negotiations to launch two more locations over the next year. This growth strategy indicates that we are confident in our concept and look forward to evolving them to cater to more customers who share our passion for Hawaiian food.

  • Are you progressing? Yes, we are making excellent progress in both revenue growth and customer experience.
  • Do your previous assumptions turn out to be true? Yes, our initial assumptions regarding market size, customer demand and business model hold true.
  • Are you coming to a product market fit? Our growing customer base, high retention rate and customer feedback indicate that we are closing a product market fit.
  • Do customers like your product? Yes, our returning customers and positive reviews demonstrate that customers love our food and our overall experience.
  • Is there massive growth in the market? There is a growing demand for ethnic food options in the market, especially for Hawaiian cuisine.
  • Do you have metrics to rely on? Yes, we use multiple metrics, such as CAC, churn, and revenue growth, to measure our business performance and improve our overall strategy.


For our Hawaiian BBQ franchise business, we are seeking seed funding of million to initiate the expansion of our franchise locations. This funding will enable us to achieve a set of milestones that will help us improve our market position and grow our brand.

Funds from this funding round will be used for the following purposes:

  • Expand the number of franchise locations to reach our goal of 20 locations within the next 12 months.
  • Invest in our marketing and advertising efforts to attract customers to our franchisees and build brand awareness.
  • Hire and train new employees for our franchisees.
  • Improve the quality and consistency of our products and services to reduce customer churn and ensure franchisee success.

With the seed funding of million, we aim to achieve the following milestones over the next 12 months:

  • Launch 20 new franchise locations across the United States.
  • Increase our brand awareness on social media and other advertising mediums by 30%.
  • Reduce customer churn by 15% with product and service improvements.
  • Generate million in monthly revenue across all franchisee locations.

Overall, this round of seed financing is critical to the success of our franchise business. With the funds, we can achieve our goals and grow our brand, making it a profitable and sustainable investment for all investors involved.

Cracking the Funding Code: L&L Hawaiian BBQ EN

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