Couple Savings Account: The best options for saving together

Saving as a couple can be a great idea for making your joint projects a reality or managing your daily expenses. But how do you choose the right savings account that suits your situation and your needs? This article walks you through the different savings account options for couples and their pros and cons.

One of the classic choices for couples wishing to save together is to open a joint savings account . This type of account allows the two holders to carry out day-to-day operations (transfers, withdrawals, consultation of the balance) and to save for joint projects.

Another option is to open an individual savings account in the name of one member of the couple and give power of attorney to the other . Thus, the two partners can carry out day-to-day banking operations on the account while keeping certain prerogatives specific to the holder.

For couples planning to buy real estate or carry out work, there are specific savings products: the home savings account (CEL) and the home savings plan (PEL) . These accounts allow you to save while enjoying tax benefits and a state bonus when taking out a mortgage.

In order to select the savings account that will best suit your marital situation and your joint projects, it is important to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each option. Don't hesitate to contact your bank or a financial adviser to obtain personalized advice and make the decision best suited to your needs.

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