Boost Your Crumbl Cookies Franchise: Proven Strategies for Sales and Profit Growth


As the franchise industry continues to grow steadily, it is important that all franchisees are ahead of their competition. With an increasing focus on cost-saving measures and greater competition, having effective strategies is critical to increasing both sales and profitability for your Crumbl Cookies franchise.

According to the United States Chamber of Commerce, franchise businesses account for .1 trillion in economic output and employ more than 8 million people. This business model involves a mutually beneficial relationship whereby the franchisee agrees to abide by the standards set by the franchisor and in return the franchisor provides the franchisee with a proven business system and ongoing support from the franchise network.

So if you’re looking for ways to improve the performance of your Crumbl Cookies franchise, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we’ll outline effective strategies that all franchisees can use to increase sales, improve customer loyalty, and reach new levels of profitability.

Use online marketing channels such as email campaigns and social media

In today’s digital age, utilizing online marketing channels is one of the best strategies for growing Crumbl Cookies Franchise customers, sales, and profits. Email campaigns, social media, and other digital marketing strategies are an effective way to reach out to customers and build your brand.

Tips and tricks for using online marketing channels

  • Build a client list using your website, email newsletters and social media platforms. This will ensure that people interested in your products will not miss any promotional offers.
  • Engage with your customers on social media. Use creative content to draw in customers and encourage them to spread the word about your products.
  • Send consistent emails to your customer list. Keep your customers informed of the latest news, products and promotions.
  • Use paid advertising on social media and other digital channels. Take advantage of targeting options to reach the right audience for your marketing.
  • Analyze the results of your campaigns. Use the data to determine what works best for you and adjust your strategy accordingly.
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These tips and tricks will help you effectively use online marketing channels to increase your franchise sales and Crumbl cookie profitability. By tracking the results of your campaigns, you can determine the effectiveness of different strategies and adjust your campaigns accordingly.

Calculation example

Let’s say your Crumbl Cookies franchise has a budget of 0 for online marketing channels per month. If you focus on email and social media campaigns, you can potentially reach a larger audience and generate more sales. For example, if you invest 0 in email campaigns and 0 in social media campaigns, you can potentially reach 10,000 people via email and 40,000 people via social media. If you were to get a 1% conversion rate from your campaigns (1,000 people via email and 400 people from social media), that would be a total of 1,400 customers. Assuming an average sale of , that’s ,000 in sales from the 0 budget. That’s a 2,800% return on investment!

As you can see, by using online marketing channels such as email campaigns and social media, you can dramatically increase franchise sales and the profitability of your Crumbl cookies. By focusing on creating engaging content, tracking the results of your campaigns, and adjusting your strategies accordingly, you can maximize the potential of these tools to reach more customers and generate more sales.

Leverage a loyalty or rewards program to incentivize additional purchases

A loyalty or rewards program can help increase sales for a Crumbl Cookies franchise by enticing customers to return for additional purchases. Implementing a loyalty program can help increase brand loyalty and encourage customers to buy more. Here are some tips and tricks for leveraging a loyalty or rewards program to boost franchise sales and profitability.

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Create a point or tier system that rewards customers: A point or tier reward system is one of the most popular loyalty or rewards programs for businesses. Customers can collect points for every purchase they make, or they can be placed in different tiers as they spend more money with your franchise. Each level offers different rewards, such as free products, discounts, exclusive access to new products and services, early access to sales, etc. Customers are incentivized to continue spending with your business in order to collect points and move up levels. This method helps turn customers into repeat customers and build brand loyalty.

Offer special rewards or discounts: Offering special offers or exclusive discounts to customers is another effective way to increase sales. Specials and discounts help encourage customers to come back and make more purchases from your franchise. You can offer a discount when a customer reaches a certain number of points or purchases during a certain period. Or, you can offer discounts for referring friends or for sharing an article about your business on social media. You can also offer discounts for being or becoming a member of your loyalty program.

Encourage Customers to Join Discounts: Give customers an incentive to join your loyalty or rewards program. This incentive can be a discount for signing up for the program or a bonus reward given for reaching an initial milestone, such as earning points for their first purchase with your franchise. This tactic encourages more customers to join the program, which leads to more purchases and more loyalty to your business.

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By implementing a loyalty and rewards program, a Crumbl Cookies franchise can significantly improve its sales and profits. For example, if a franchise offers a 10% discount to customers who have earned 100 points, they may see a 10-12% increase in sales because customers are encouraged to make more purchases to earn the discount. This can lead to higher profitability, as the cost of the reduction is often less than the increased revenue that the discounts create.

Partner with local businesses and organizations to raise awareness

If you own or manage a Crumbl Cookies franchise, you know that awareness of your product and services is critical to success. Forming partnerships with local businesses and organizations is a great way to reach new customers and drive sales. Besides being a great marketing opportunity, forming strategic partnerships can have a positive effect on your bottom line.

Tips and tricks:

  • Be selective when choosing partners and make sure they share your company’s mission and values. Local businesses and organizations that are already popular in your community are great assets – it’s important to partner with good communicators and experienced ambassadors.
  • Reach out to local schools and universities – they often have resources dedicated to helping small businesses run smoothly.
  • Consider approaching popular local sports teams as potential partners, offering product promotion incentives in exchange for their services.
  • It’s always a good idea to sponsor community events, such as festivals, parades and competitions. Your business name and logo will get exposure, and it’s a great way to network with potential customers.
  • Be sure to publicize the partnerships you’ve established – post about them on social media, update your website, and create customer loyalty programs that support your partners.

Partnering with local businesses and organizations is a great way to increase your brand awareness and expand your customer base. This strategy can be profitable and help initiate conversations with people in your community, which can lead to increased sales.

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Let’s see an example. Let’s say your average Crumbl cookie sells for each. If you partner with a local business that brings in 200 new customers over two weeks, that could result in 0 in sales. If you add an additional 10% discount for partners and their customers, plus an additional 10% in loyalty points to encourage repeat customers, the total level of sales will be 4, for a profitability increase of in only two weeks.

Forming partnerships with local businesses and organizations can help your Crumbl Cookies franchise increase awareness, improve customer loyalty, and generate a healthy profit. Be sure to research potential partners to ensure their values align with yours, and be creative in developing exciting promotions and loyalty programs.

Experiment with seasonal or limited-time offers

Seasonal or limited-time offers can be used to ensure that your Crumbl Cookies franchise remains profitable and sales grow consistently. These offers can be used to create sudden and increased interest in products, attracting new customers and helping to ensure customer loyalty.

Tips and tricks

  • Create a seasonal or limited-time offer as a reward for customer loyalty. It could be something like an additional 15% off for customers who have been buying regularly for a few months.
  • Offer bundles or discounts on larger orders. If customers get more from their purchase than expected, they will return more often.
  • Think about creative offers to engage customers. Some ideas include free shipping, free samples, or even a holiday-themed promotional item.
  • Organize contests to reward customers who take advantage of the offer. This gives customers an extra incentive to try it out.
  • Offer a limited time offer for online orders only. This will help boost online sales which often have higher margins than in-store purchases.
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Impact on sales and profitability
Seasonal or limited-time offers can have a huge impact on your sales and profitability. With the right offer and the right promotion, you can dramatically increase sales in a short time. For example, a 25% offer could lead to a 50% increase in sales.

Additionally, seasonal and limited-time offers will lead to higher customer loyalty. When customers feel like they’re getting a good deal and being rewarded for their loyalty, they’re less likely to shop around. This will lead to higher long-term sales and profitability.

For example, let’s say you are offering a 50% discount during a slow period. You normally sell 100 units per day at a price of . After the offer, you can now sell 200 units per day at .50. This is a doubling of your daily sales without increasing costs. This would result in an increase in sales of 0 per day and an increase in profit of 0 per day.

By experimenting with seasonal or limited-time offers, you can drive sales, increase customer loyalty, and boost your profits.

Promote consumer recommendations with word of mouth marketing initiatives

One of the most effective strategies for increasing the sales and profitability of your Crumbl Cookies franchise is to promote consumer referrals through word of mouth marketing initiatives. This will help you drive more conversions and create a positive feedback loop of customer loyalty and satisfaction that will contribute to sustained long-term growth.

To help you fully capitalize on the promotional power of Wolrd-of-od, here are some tips and tricks:

  • Create engaging content that aligns with your franchise branding and amplifies your social media posts, so customers can easily identify your brand and tell their social circles about it.
  • Encourage customers to install their reviews online. Reach out to previous customers and ask for their opinion of your product or service and a short testimonial for your company’s review page.
  • Launch referral bonuses and reward programs to entice customers to spread the positive word about your franchise.
  • Reward customers who create viral content (videos, images, etc.) to share your brand message on their network.
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With these initiatives, you can witness a significant increase in your sales due to more conversions and repeat customers that maintain your long-term profitability. As an example, let’s say you have 10 conversions per month based on word-of-mouth promotion. This gives you 120 sales for the year, which in turn translates into potential annual profits of around ,000.


The strategies outlined in this blog post provide viable solutions for improving the performance of a Crumbl Cookies franchise. By incorporating one or more of these strategies, a franchisee could not only generate more sales and reach new heights of profitability, but could also create a loyal customer base that will sustain the business for years to come.

These strategies include using online marketing channels, establishing a loyalty program, partnering with local businesses, creating seasonal promotional offers, and using word of mouth marketing. Implementing just one of these strategies can create a significant difference in the success of a Crumbl Cookies franchise.

We believe that the combination of these methods will result in a win-win situation where both franchisor and franchisee benefit. We hope this blog post helps you take your Crumbl Cookies franchise to the next level and make it even more profitable.