A Communication Strategy?

Are you keen to start your business? To develop your visibility?

It’s a chance, the core business of ESCadrille Toulouse Junior Conseil is precisely to support entrepreneurs, VSEs-SMEs or Key Accounts, on the development of their communication strategy. All this to allow you to improve your image.

What is a communication strategy?

  • It is a plan that defines how your organization will communicate with its target to achieve its communication objectives . It then defines the guidelines and tactics that will be used to communicate with the various targets of the organization.
  • The realization of this plan requires an in-depth analysis , not only of the target audience , of the objectives , but also of the tools to be used , the communication channels , the allocated budget and the efficiency measures . It thus serves as a framework to guide communication decisions, ensures the consistency and relevance of the messages conveyed.
  • In short, the communication strategy is therefore a key planning element that allows an organization to define clear objectives, implement appropriate tactics and measure the results of its actions.

In other words, this plan will give you the keys to impose yourself on different communication channels. All this in order to maintain or even increase your visibility .

The essential elements of a communication strategy

Architecture of this strategy

  • Definition of communication objectives on the different channels
  • Analysis of targeted targets & recommendations of KPI’s to follow
  • Development of the standard message and sales pitch
  • Identification of the means to be mobilized
  • Reporting, adjustment and rendering of a publication guide

In short, the final deliverable will offer you Operational Recommendations allowing you to manage all of your communication.

Use the relevance of a communication strategy for your organization

Once you have this strategy in place, you can assess its impact. To do this, you can use analysis tools (Buffer for example) to measure the reach of your message, the engagement rate and the results.

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