5 tips for communicating like Apple

Today, Apple has 1 billion active iPhones worldwide and reports revenue of 1 billion at the end of the first quarter of 2021 .

Along with Google, Amazon, Facebook and Microsoft, Apple is part of GAFAM, the most important multinational companies in the world.

Despite competition from Samsung and Huawei, Apple remains the leader and continues to raise the prices of its new products. Its communication strategy has a lot to do with it.

In your inner circle, how many people use Apple products? Just look around you to realize that Apple’s brand image has seduced and imposed itself on consumers .

Don’t tell just what you do, but why you do it

“People don’t buy what you do, they buy what you do it for” .

This sentence pronounced by the famous speaker Simon Sinek during a TED conference shows that consumers are essentially attached to what they believe , to what excites them and arouses their interest when they buy a product.

It is from this observation that the lecturer created the famous theory of the “Golden Circle” .

5 tips for communicating like Apple

Presentation of the Golden Circle

What : All organisations, companies and people know what they are doing, this is Simon Sinek’s “ What ”. How : Some of them know “how” they do it, that’s what sets them apart from their other competitors, the “ How ”. Why : But very few companies know why they invest so much in doing what they do, ie the “Why”. It’s not the profit, which is simply a result, the “Why” is what drives the business.

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We note that the companies that have experienced dazzling success, have launched their business starting from the “Why” to go to the “What” .

This is the case of Apple:

The “ Why ” translates into the idea of offering ever more innovative, qualitative products that are also accessible to all . Apple’s brand image is based on progress that knows no bounds , a product that stands out and that is what appeals to consumers. To do this, Apple creates sleek, easy-to-use and high-performance products. This is their “ How ”. Finally, the “ What ”, Apple creates very good products such as smartphones or computers – this is its main activity. So, if you are starting your business, first ask yourself why you are doing it. Then sell that “why” so that customers become attached and strongly believe in your beliefs .

Your communication must be as close as possible to your targets

One of the keys to having good communication is neither more nor less than the relevance of the message transmitted . Your content must be as close as possible to your targets so that they can feel truly concerned.

Apple has chosen to address its products to people who do not have computer skills.

Their communication is therefore very simple , just like the use of their product.

In their advertising and more generally on their site, there is no technical word.

Apple much prefers to say that with an iPhone it is possible to take a photo at the level of a professional than to dwell on the technical components of the device itself. Simple and powerful sentences , such is the secret of the digital communication of Apple .

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Apple goes even further. Even Steve Jobs’ style of dress during conferences reveals this desire to be as close as possible to its consumers .

5 tips for communicating like Apple
Steve Jobs at a conference

Highlight the benefits of its products by telling stories

Simply promoting its products on the networks and its site is not enough . We must not forget that people go to the networks to be entertained and informed .

So on the networks do not hesitate to post more original content that engages, creates emotion among Internet users or brings them added value . This is the best way to create a community .

If Apple is not very present on the networks, the American giant has understood the interest of conveying content that is out of the ordinary on its site.

Apple tells stories around its products. For this, words that give an impression of extraordinary and visual effects close to magic.

5 tips for communicating like Apple

Adapt its content according to the different networks

If it is important to post content regularly on the networks, doing it in a smart and strategic way is even more so.

It is necessary to analyze the role of each network , the community that is there and what each one seeks by going there.

From this analysis we realize that it is relevant to publish on different days and times depending on the networks .

The content must also vary and adapt to the specific spirit of each of the networks.

On Instagram, for example, Apple focuses on colorful shots with a professional look . This storytelling format reinforces the idea of a story around the brand.

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5 tips for communicating like Apple
Apple’s Instagram account

On Twitter, Apple makes few publications but emits so-called “nullcasted” tweets , that is to say public tweets, but not broadcast to followers and not present on the profile. The advantage of this strategy lies in the possibility of personalizing each of the tweets sent . Rather than broadcasting the slightest tweet to all of its followers, Apple can choose precisely to whom it will broadcast each of its posts according to specific criteria. For example, the language used by the user on the application.

Create mystery around products

Creating buzz and creating emulation when a new product is released is Apple’s key communication strategy.

It has now become a ritual with each new school year, a new Iphone product comes out.

Everyone is talking about this event months in advance without Apple even advertising it. The secret lies in the exclusivity that Apple maintains around its new products.

The brand is organizing Keynotes in Cupertino where information on the new Iphones will be disseminated. These events are by invitation only and all major media participate.

In the absence of being able to create an event of such magnitude, there are tricks to create a certain enthusiasm when your products come out. For example, you can make Instagram stories with a countdown , Facebook live or even Newsletters to arouse interest and expectation .

One strategy is to value the first to buy the products . The idea is to communicate around the release of the product by explaining that the first to buy it will benefit for example from a reduction or even free.

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5 tips for communicating like Apple
Instagram story as a countdown

It’s a great way to get your community excited about your products.

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